How to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 0x426-0x0

If you are facing Microsoft Office error code 0x426-0x0 on your system and want a quick solution then this article might help to do so. Well, here we are going to discuss all possible causes and its solution to fix error code 0x426-0x0. So first of all, we need to understand what this error code is that?

This error code is a warning that indicates anything has gone wrong with files and methods related to the adaptation or installation process. Most of the time, this problem appears while opening any office program such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. In that case, the problem can be connected to that explicit program. However, in some situations, it gives just a hint that something is not good with the whole Office suite. You will see a Microsoft Office error code 0x426-0x0 on your screen with the following error message:

Error Code: 0x426-0x0 (ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_ACTIVE)

How to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 0x426-0x0

Microsoft Office Error Code 0x426-0x0

In order to eliminate this error code, you will have to fix any causes that lead to this issue. It might be possible some causes are also there except we have listed above. However, we are assuring you that, just by following the below steps, you can resolve your error. These steps helped so many users to take away this error permanently. So, let us jump into the steps now:

1. Repair Office suite

There are two different steps to repair Office. We will discuss both of the settings one by one.

Repair Office via the Settings option

Use the following steps to repair Office using the Windows Settings:

  • Go to the taskbar, then right-click the on the Windows logo.
  • In the menu, hit on the option of Apps and Features.
  • Once the Apps and Features interface opens, look for the Microsoft Office app.
  • When you see Microsoft Office, click on it and then select the Modify option.
  • Press the Yes button when the User Account Control option pops up.
  • You will see a dialog window asking how do you want to repair your Office programs.
  • If you choose Quick Repair, it will utilize the offline utility that resides inside the system to verifying and resolve common glitches. In case it is not able to fix the issue, you can choose the other option to run Online Repair.
  • Once all these methods are complete, restart your computer and check whether your error is resolved or not.

Repair Office via Control Panel

  • Open Control Panel.
  • In the Control Panel window, select Programs > Uninstall a program.
  • On the next page, locate the Microsoft Office, then right-click on it, and hit on the Change option.
  • Go with the option to Repair from the dialog box pop up on your window, then follow the instructions carefully to proceed with the process.

2. Turn on the Click-to-Run Service

This problem possibly occurs if the Click to Run service is disabled in the Services screen. In such a case, you need to turn on the Click-to-Run services and see if it fixed the error.

  1. Open the Run dialog box using Win+R keys.
  2. Type ‘services.msc‘ into the text box and hit on the Enter button to open the Services utility. Once you see the User Account Control pop-up, press on the Yes option. 
  3. From the Services screen, hit on the Services option, scroll down and locate the Microsoft Office Click-to-Run service. 
  4. Once you find it, double click on it and select the Properties option from the context menu that appeared on your screen.
  5. When you are into the Properties screen, choose the General tab, and make sure the Startup type is set to Automatic.
  6. When you are done with all these processes and checked that the Microsoft Office Click-to-Run service is Enabled, restart your system. Now check if the Microsoft Office Error Code 0x426-0x0 has been resolved or not.

3. Perform SFC Scan

Sometimes corrupted system files can also cause to occur this issue. In such a case, you can run sfc /scannow tool to resolve the corrupted system files and to replace them with the corrected version. Here are the steps that are given below to run SFC:

SFC 21H1

  • Run the command prompt in administrative privileges.
  • Type sfc /scannow in your command box and hit on the enter button.
  • The process of scanning will be started automatically.
  • Wait until the scan gets completed successfully and do not try to close the command prompt.
  • Now install or update Microsoft Office and verify if the Error code 0x426-0x0 has been resolved.

4. Temporarily disable your Firewall

If the problem is still persisting, it is possible that Firewall rules set on your device might be preventing you from installing the Microsoft Office. In this situation, turn off your Microsoft Defender Firewall temporarily and try installing the Office program. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Click on the choice system and security and choose the option Windows Firewall.
  • Now, hit on the choice to “turn windows firewall On or Off”
  • Make sure to go with the option and Turn Off the firewall for private as well as public networks.
  • Now install or update Microsoft Office and verify if the Error 0x426-0x0 has been resolved.

5. Turn off your Antivirus

Sometimes Antivirus applications also cause problems in updating or installing Microsoft Office. In such a case, you can turn off your antivirus program temporarily and see if it works.

  • Go to the Antivirus application and open it on your pc.
  • Hit on the Settings option and go to the real-time protection option.
  • Now, make sure to turn Off real-time protection.
  • Click on the Antivirus firewall.
  • Turn off or disable the Antivirus firewall.
  • Press YES or OK button to save your changes if prompted.
  • Now check if the Microsoft Office Error Code 0x426-0x0 has been resolved or not.

We hope that all of these steps are enough for you to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 0x426-0x0. Try out the steps given above and make sure you didn’t miss anything. For more such helpful articles you can go through our blog section. Also do not forget to comment down below if you found this article even a little bit helpful.

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