Fix: Microsoft Defender Error 0X80073BC3 and 0X80073B92-0X20009

Did you face error 0X80073BC3 or 0X80073B92-0X20009 while installing Windows 10 updates on your device? If yes, this might be due to multiple system devices available on your computer. The following error codes accompany a message as well that reads –

The requested system device cannot be found, there is a sharing violation, or multiple devices are matching the identification criteria.

Usually, Windows Defender throws errors only when the system detects multiple partitions during Partition Analysis or during the validation. Installing a new system drive while keeping the old one intact may cause such errors. Hence, if you have attached a new system drive, make sure to disconnect the older device in order to avoid receiving errors on Microsoft Defender. In this post, we have covered three possible workarounds applying which you can easily address the underlying causes behind the above problems. 

Windows Defender Error 0X80073BC3

How to Fix Microsoft Defender Error Codes in Windows 10

To solve Error codes 0X80073BC3 or 0X80073B92-0X20009 on Windows 10, try out the following suggestions –

1. Remove the older device

The best way to avoid getting into any trouble on Windows Defender is to physically remove the older device. In case you can’t remove the previous system device, you may follow the next set of solutions discussed below.

2. Disconnect the earlier system drive

These days, you can easily disable any system device if you can’t remove it temporarily. Almost all firmware like BIOS or UEFI allows disconnecting the system device if not in use.

To do so, reboot your device. When your computer reloads, press the appropriate function key to boot into the BIOS or UEFI mode. Use the keyboard to reach out to the hardware section and disable the older device. Once you turn off the respective hardware, restart your PC. Since the conflicting device is not in use anymore, you won’t get any errors using the Microsoft Defender. 

3. Delete the older System device

If the error 0X80073BC3 or 0X80073B92-0X20009 continues to appear even after disconnecting the secondary device, you may opt-in to delete the older device. To do so, take the help of the Disk Partition. 

  • Press WinKey + S to launch the Search window.
  • Type “disk management” and double-click on the Create and format hard disk partitions
  • Right-click on the older system drive and choose the format option.
  • Wait for the computer to delete all the contents on the device. 
  • Once over, do the right-click again and create a new drive (not the system one).

Following this method will release unnecessarily occupied storage spaces on the secondary device. Lastly, make sure to restart your computer in order to make the changes effective from the next logon. 

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