How to fix Google Meet not working on Chromium Edge

Today, we will discuss a simple workaround to fix Google Meet not a working issue on Chromium edge. Microsoft has brought two web-browsers which are currently in the beta state to test and bring New Edge. They are Edge Canary (updated daily) and Edge Dev (updated weekly). Right from the beginning, both of them are functioning pretty well except for a few cases such as- Themes, Google Meet, etc.

As New Edge is based on Chromium, one can assume of better support of Google’s services owing to the use of open Source platform. However, this isn’t entirely the case as we are discovering new bugs on a regular basis. The Google Meet not working properly is an example of this common misunderstanding.

Google Meet is an application used for video conferencing. Lately, it has started to throw an error message when one tries to access this using Edge Dev or Canary. They simply receive a message “Meet doesn’t work on your browser” and are recommended to download either Chrome or Mozilla. This is surprising though that it suggests Firefox as they don’t run on Chromium Framework.

Mozilla has already stated that they are not going for Chromium in the recent future at least. You can read the full documentation here. Anyways, we will guide you simple workaround to solve this bug on your System. Let’s explore this trick-

Fix- Google Meet not working on Chromium Edge

Follow these steps to fix Google Meet issue on Microsoft Edge based on Chromium-

Step-1: At first, launch Edge Dev thereafter press F12 to start Developer Tools.

Step-2: Now tap three dots (…) available at the top right corner on the current Screen.

Step-3: Henceforth, select More Tools followed by Network conditions.

Google Meet Chromium Edge

Step-4: Subsequently, locate User-agent and uncheck the “Select Automatically” option.

Step-5: Lastly select “Chrome-Windows” using the drop-down menu.

Google Meet Chromium Edge

That’s it, you can now open Google Meet and start carrying out the conversation among your friends.

Hope, you are now enjoying Chromium Edge to its fullest. In case you want to know more about this New Edge Browser, click here.

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