How to Fix Error Code 0x803F800A in MS Store

Key Takeaways
  • Remember to always check your internet connection and ensure stability first.
  • To fix error code 0x803F800A, run the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter; you can also clear the Microsoft Store cache.
  • If these solutions do not work, contact Microsoft Support for further assistance and troubleshooting.

What causes Error 0x803F800A in MS Store?

This error mostly occurs when you are not signed in using a Microsoft account, or there are network connectivity issues. Apart from this, the presence of corrupted store files or associated cache with the Store app may also trigger this issue on Windows 11/10 PCs. To solve it, try out these fixes

Note: If you are getting this error code while playing a game on Xbox, read this section.

Fix – MS Store Error Code 0x803F800A

Follow these preliminary checks before you proceed to the fixes addressing error code 0x803fb107. Only when your device doesn’t meet these conditions should you move to the solutions section. 

  • Stable Internet Connection: You must remain on a good network with good downloading speed to install new apps or update existing ones in the MS Store. During an application download, the network may disconnect, causing a ping loss issue. When such a situation arises, it may result in different error codes, including 0x803fb107.

After a few minutes, you may try installing/updating that application again. If the problem reoccurs, you better switch to a different network or wait for some more time. 

To find out if this indeed occurs because of a network issue, open your default browser and try surfing different websites. When you are sure that there is no network issue on your computer, attempt these workarounds sequentially –

1. Troubleshoot Windows Store Apps

Troubleshooting Windows Store Apps is the first thing that you may try to address an error code 0x803fb107. This is basically an in-built program that may look for underlying causes and fix them. Here’s how you may troubleshoot Microsoft Store apps –

  • Right-click on Start and choose Settings.
  • Select System > Troubleshoot on the right pane.
  • Click Other troubleshooters to view all its contents.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and hit Run available next to Windows Store Apps.

Store Apps Troubleshooter on Windows 11 - Fix Error Code 0x803F800A

  • The troubleshooter will launch next and start diagnosing/repairing the underlying causes. 

When this tool completes troubleshooting, restart your PC. I hope the error 0x803fb107 resolves from the next logon. 

2. Reset Microsoft Store

The Store errors may occur because of some internal glitches, stored caches, or third-party app interactions. If that’s the case, you better reset your MS Store app. To do so, use these steps –

  • Launch CMD as administrator first.
  • When the UAC window prompts, hit Yes.
  • On the elevated console, type the following and press Enter –


WSReset on Windows 11 - Fix Error Code 0x803F800A

  • This command will reset your Store app to its default settings. 
  • Sign back into your Microsoft account again and check if the problem is resolved. 

Note: When you reset your Store app, all of its data is deleted. If you don’t want the app’s data to be affected, try repairing the Store app first. 

You may find the setting to it by visiting the below path –

Settings (Win + I) > Apps > Apps and Features

  • Find the Microsoft Store app, click the three vertical dots available to its right end, and choose Advanced options.
  • On the subsequent page, scroll down to the Reset section, and hit the Repair button.

Reset Microsoft Store on Windows 11

In case the error 0x803fb107 persists as it is, click the Reset button. Do restart your PC so that the changes made come into effect from the next sign-in. 

3. Sign-out then Sign back into MS Store

In case the error 0x803fb107 is still occurring, check if signing out of your Microsoft account helps to resolve this issue. Here’s how to sign out of the Store app –

  • Launch Microsoft Store first.
  • Go to your profile, and click sign-out

Sign out of Microsoft Store

  • You will be logged off your official Microsoft account in the MS Store. 
  • Restart your PC, launch MS Store again, and sign in using your official account credentials. 

4. Reinstall Microsoft Store via PowerShell

If even resetting MS Store doesn’t fix the error code 0x803fb107, you should reinstall this system app. As there is no direct way to uninstall the Microsoft Store, you must use Windows PowerShell (Admin). Here’s how to perform this task –

  • Press “Windows key and X” to launch the Power Menu.
  • Choose the option – Windows Terminal (Admin). 
  • The terminal will default land into Windows PowerShell (admin).
  • Now, copy/paste the below cmdlet and press Enter –

Get-AppxPackage -allusers *WindowsStore* | Remove-AppxPackage

  • This code will remove all instances of Microsoft Store from your computer. You might not even find it on the system tray. 
  • Restart your PC so that any leftover and residual files from the MS Store are deleted as well. 
  • Sign back into your device and execute this command next –

Get-AppxPackage -allusers *WindowsStore* | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Reinstall MS Store in Windows 11 - Fix Error Code 0x803F800A

  • This will bring a fresh copy of the Store app to your computer. 

I hope reinstalling MS Store indeed resolves the error code 0x803F800A on your Windows 11 or 10 PC. 

How to Fix Xbox Error 0x803F800A 

If you are getting the same error code while playing a game on your Xbox console or Xbox companion app in Windows, you must do the following –

Launch your Microsoft Store app and search for that particular game on it. The error 0x803F800A on Xbox occurs as you are running a trial version of that game. When you search for it on the Windows Store, this will suggest you buy that game. Purchase that game so that you may enjoy its gameplay by having full access to it. 

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