How to Fix Xbox One Error Code 0x80270300

Did you encounter an error code 0x80270300 while installing a new game or updating the existing ones in Xbox One? Since you are here, you must be facing this issue and are looking for ways to address this issue. Well, this post illustrates the reasons why it occurs and the five workarounds that should resolve this problem. 

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Fix - Xbox One Error Code 0x80270300

What is Error Code 0x80270300 and why does it occur?

The error code 0x80270300 is basically an Xbox One-related issue and normally occurs when you are trying to install or update a new/existing game. This might also occur when the internal files of a game get corrupted somehow. To resolve it, you may attempt the following fixes –

Xbox Error Code 0x80270300 Solutions

If you are encountering an error code 0x80270300 while installing a new game or playing the existing ones in Xbox One Console, try out the following fixes one after another –  

1] Check Xbox Server Status

Before you apply any workaround, make sure to visit the Xbox Server Status page and see if all the services are up and running. Many a time, this error occurs just because the related servers are down. Only when, you don’t see any issue with any Xbox servers, yet error 0x80270300 is occurring, try out the below suggestion. 

Gaming Issues on Xbox Status page

Check if the game is updating in the background

Sometimes, this may happen that the game starts updating itself in the background. The new files may interact with the old files during the update and might trigger an error code 0x80270300. 

Check if that’s the case by following these easy steps –

  • Launch Xbox One and click “My games & apps“.
  • Select Games and then “Manage and select Queue“.
  • On the subsequent screen, you may see if any game is updating or not. 
  • In case the game (the one that you are trying to play) is updating, you have to wait till its update packages are downloaded and installed. 

However, if your game is not listed in the above queue, attempt the below fixes –

2] Check Internet Connection

New games installation in Xbox One may also fail on an error code 0x80270300 when there is a network connectivity issue. Launch any browser and surf different websites. If the web pages are also not opening fast, there must be internet issues. So, wait for some time and attempt to download the game again. Else, you may restart your Router/Modem and check if the internet speed improves. 

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3] Reboot Xbox One Console

If you had checked the above points and you are sure that neither of the above cases is true, the problem may lie within the console itself. To overcome this error, you should restart the Xbox gaming console.

Here’s how to perform this task –

  • Press and hold the Xbox button.
  • The controller will display a list of power options.
  • Select Restart console and then tap Restart.

Wait while this gaming console is rebooting. Once this is over, check if the issue still persists or has been resolved.

4] Reset Xbox to Fix Error Code 0x80270300

Resetting Xbox is another way to resolve different issues that occur from time to time in Xbox one console. Here’s how you may reset the gaming console –

  • Press the Xbox button to enter the console.
  • Go to Profile & system > Settings.
  • Select System and then Console info.
  • Select Reset Console and then hit Reset.

Note: Make sure to check the box – “Keep my games & apps“. Else, all your stored data will be lost.

Reset Xbox - Keep my games and apps

I hope you are now able to play Xbox games without encountering error 0x80270300.

5] Uninstall and Reinstall the specific game

If none of the above solutions work to resolve error code 0x80270300, the problem must lie in the game itself. So, you better uninstall/reinstall the faulty gaming app. Here’s how you may uninstall a game in Xbox One Console –

  • Launch Xbox One, and click “My games & apps“.
  • Click See all and then Games on the left navigation.
  • Head over to the right pane and you may see a list of games already installed on your PC.
  • Select the faulty game and press the Menu button.
  • You may now see a list of options to choose from.
  • Use the down arrow key, and select Uninstall.
  • A pop-up window will prompt next, hit Uninstall all this time.

Uninstall Xbox Game

  • Wait while the Xbox One is removing the chosen game from your console.

Now that you have removed the problematic game, restart Xbox One. When it reboots, visit “My games & apps” > Full Library > All owned games. Scroll down and locate the game that you just uninstalled. When you find that gaming app, click over it and hit the button – “Install all“.

Check if the issue resolves now while playing this game. In case it still appears, you need to get in touch with the support team. 

How do I fix a game installation error in Xbox One?

Restarting Xbox One often resolves different bugs or issues in the console. So, if you are struggling with an error code, you better reboot the console. Doing this alone can address several issues on Xbox One. Game installation may also fail on some error code when the internet speed on your computer is unstable or very slow. 

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