Fix Can’t Connect Printer Error 0x000003e3 in Windows 10

Some of the Windows 10 Users experience the error while trying to print the data or add the shared printer to the network. In this case, the printer status shows offline and failed message appears like “cannot connect to the printer” or operation failed error 0x000003e3. Today in this guide we will discuss the possible reason and potential workarounds to solve the problem.

The misplaced Mscms.dll file, corrupt Printer spooler and the incompatible printer driver is the main cause to lead such Can’t Connect the Printer Error 0x000003e3 in Windows 10. Sometimes the connection problem if the printer is also responsible to occur the problem. So if you are sure your cable connection is properly working, apply the troubleshooting guide such as restart the Spooler services, update the driver, copy the Mscms.dll file under the system32 directory to save the network printer.

How to Fix Printer Error 0x000003e3 in Windows 10

To Fix the Printer Error 0x000003e3 in Windows 10, use the following workarounds –

1} Re-connect the Printer 

Before proceeding to the solutions, ensure restarting your Printer as doing this often solves several errors. All you need is to turn off your printer and unplug the cable from its port. Wait for at least 30 seconds then plug your printer back in. At last, turn on the printer and check whether the issue still persists or has disappeared. 

2} Restart the Print Spooler Service

The Windows Can’t Connect to the Printer Error 0x000003e3 may appear sometimes when the print Spooler service is turned off. This is why we recommend checking its current status and restart the services if found disabled. Here is how to do –

  • Press Windows + R together to invoke the Run dialog.
  • Type services.msc in the text bar and hit OK to open the same.
  • Scroll down and locate the Print Spooler service here on the right-pane.
  • Once found, right-click on it and select Properties using the context menu.

Printer Error 0x0000003e3

  • On the upcoming window, change the Startup type: to Automatic
  • Here, check if the service status reads Running.  
  • Hit the Start button then OK to save the changes.

Can't Connect the Printer Error 0x00003e3

That’s it, restarting spooler service may resolve the error 0x00003e3. If not, follow the next workaround –

2} Copy mscms.dll manually

The mscms.dll is a driver installation color module directory restarting which one can solve the Windows Cannot connect printer error 0x000003e3. To fix the issue, you should manually copy this folder and paste it at its destined folder. Here is how to proceed –

  • Press Window and E shortcut to launch the Run dialog.
  • Navigate to the following path –
  • Scroll down and locate the mscms.dll directory.
  • Once found, do the right-click and select copy.

Can't Connect the Printer Error 0x000003e3

  • Reach out to the below address and paste the copied item i.e. “mscms.dll” file here.
  • This is applicable only on PCs with 32-bit architecture.
  • If you are using a 64-bit computer, browse to the following path and paste the mscms.dll file here.
  • Lastly, Restart the PC to confirm the latest changes.

3} Create a New Local Port

In certain scenarios, the Local Port gets damaged and thus creates Windows Can’t Connect to the Printer – Error 0x00003e3. To get rid of this problem, create a new Local Port using the following steps –

  • Click the Win icon and type control panel in the search bar.
  • Here, expand the Devices and Printers category.
  • On the top ribbon, hit Add a printer and let the system scan for available shared printers.

Printer Error 0x000003e3

  • In case, you don’t see the printer that you are using, click “The printer that I want isn’t listed“ link.
  • Succeeding that check the radio button “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” and tap Next.

Find the printer

  • On the subsequent wizard, mark the circle next to Create a new port
  • Next, select Standard TCP / IP Port using the drop-down menu and hit Next again.

Can't Connect to the Printer Error 0x00003e3

  • Now type the computer’s IP address at Printers port name section. Make sure to use the following format – “\\\HP LaserJet Pro M1136”.

Here, is the IP address of the system where the shared printer is installed. If you want to use the printer under the network area, you should also enter the IP address of the network.

  • Afterward, tap OK then Next to go ahead.
  • Pick the printer model in order to install the driver then Next again.
  • Click OK then Finish to save the recent changes.

How to know the IP address of your PC

If you don’t know the computer’s IP address, just go through the below steps –

  • Right-click on Start and select Settings using the Power Menu.
  • Select the Network & Internet category followed by Wi-Fi on the succeeding screen.
  • Move to the right pane, and double click on the device (being used for the net connectivity).
  • Scroll to the Properties section and note down its IPv4 Address.

Printer Error 0x000003e3

4} Uninstall Incompatible Printer Drivers

The presence of incompatible printer drivers may also arise this error. Hence, just delete the outdated or corrupt drivers then re-install them. Here’s how to proceed-

  • Do the right-click on Start and choose the Run option.
  • Type printmanagement.msc at the void and press OK to launch print management wizard.
  • Next, expand the All Drivers directory as shown below –
  • Here, do the right-click on the Microsoft Print To PDF and hit Delete

Printer Error 0x00003e3

  • If there is more than one printing application, delete all of them.
  • Reboot the PC and add the printer again along with its related drivers.

5}  Using Registry Editor

You can resolve the Can’t Connect the Printer Error 0x000003e3 modifying some entries on the registry as well. Just make sure that you have created a backup of important files and folders before proceeding to the below steps –

Note: At first, stop the Printer Spooler visiting the Services tool (discussed in Method 2).

  • Click Win and start typing Regedit in the text field.
  • Right-click on Registry Editor and select Run as Administrator option.
  • If the UAC prompt appears, tap Yes to authorize the access.
  • Now, copy/paste the following path at its address bar and press Enter. Additionally, you may navigate to the destination folder expanding entries sequentially available on the left pane.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Print\Printers\*YOUR PRINTER’S NAME*\CopyFiles
  • Next, expand the CopyFiles directory and delete the existing ICM folder.
  • Once over, Close the Registry window to confirm the recent changes.
  • Restart your PC and check if the printer issue has fixed now or not.

Note: If you are not able to reach out to the above address, try the following path –

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Providers\Client Side Rendering Print Provider
  • Mae a Right-click on the Client Side Rendering Print Provider thereafter select the delete option using the context menu.
  • Make sure to start Printer Spooler service again using Method 2.
  • Finally, Reboot your PC.

That’s it, we hope this guide helps to resolve the Error 0x00003e3 – Can’t Connect to the Printer has solved now.