Fix Bluestacks Engine could not start in Windows 11

The need for a powerful, advanced Android emulator has always existed since the beginning of the Android ecosystem. Bluestacks, the most popular Android emulator, does its job best and remains ahead in this competition. However, a few users complained about receiving an error message “BlueStacks Engine could not start. You can try to restart the Engine or your PC” when they tried starting this application. 

This may fail to open in Windows 11/10 owing to different reasons. In this post, we have accumulated all possible reasons including when things weren’t configured correctly. Let’s see what you need to do now to have this issue resolved.

BlueStacks settings

What makes BlueStacks Engine fail to start?

The Bluestacks engine might fail to start when one or more of these conditions meet on your device –

  • Erroneous Bluestack installation: A corrupted installation cannot function properly, you must reinstall the BlueStacks software.
  • Damaged installation: This program will not start or function properly if the installation gets damaged somehow. It is recommended to download its setup file again and reinstall it on your PC. 
  • Obsolete device drivers: If there are some drivers on your device that require an upgrade, check and update them asap. In a few cases, users reported seeing a Blue screen of death error when there lie some corrupted device drivers. 

[Solved] Bluestacks Engine won’t start in Windows 11

If you have already downloaded and installed Bluestacks Engine on Windows 11, however, it is not starting, attempt the following fixes. Hopefully, one of them clicks and resolves the issue at hand. 

Make sure to go through the following before applying any fixes – 

  • Restart Your PC: Different bugs and issues often resolve after you reboot your device. This is because the stuck processes or corrupted services refresh after a PC restart. Ensure rebooting your computer so that any glitches get resolved while doing so. 
  • Disable Third-party Antivirus: Security apps do more harm than any good on your computer. Apart from spending all your system resources, they also interact with system apps and services and make them corrupt. So, it is recommended to keep such apps disabled, while applying any workaround. 

Note: Windows Security is an in-built antivirus program on Windows 11 that one can use to find issues and quarantine them. 

In case the Bluestacks engine is still not starting, follow these solutions one by one –

1] Change Graphics mode

There is a possibility that Bluestacks engine is not starting because of some incorrect graphics settings. Try changing the default graphic mode and see if it resolves the issue. Here are the steps to work upon –

  • Open Bluestacks and click the three dots available on its right end. 
  • Select Settings (the gear icon on the right sidebar) and then Graphics on the left pane.
  • Move to the right pane, and tick the checkbox next to DirectX instead of OpenGL.

Graphics setting on BlueStacks - Bluestacks Engine could not start

  • Click Save Changes and then Restart now so that the changes get applied to this android emulator.

I hope Bluestacks start working fine when it is rebooted. 

2] Allot more CPU core and RAM

Bluestacks engine is an extensive program and requires sufficient CPU cores and RAM to function properly. If you are using it on devices lacking in either or both fields, you must purchase the required RAM, or CPU core (if possible).

However, if your device has enough RAM and CPU core, you may start allowing more RAM/CPU for its usage. Here’s how you may add extra RAM or CPU core on BlueStacks.

  • Open Bluestacks first.
  • Click the Settings icon available on its right sidebar. 
  • When this expands, change CPU allocation and Memory allocation to its maximum availability.
  • Set the Performance mode to “High” and click Save Changes.

Allot more CPU and RAM to BlueStacks

  • A pop-up window will appear next, click Restart now.

3] Turn off the ASTC Texture

If you are experiencing Engine failure in BlueStacks, you should not use this beta functionality. To disable the ASTC texture, follow these steps –

  • Launch BlueStacks.
  • Open Settings by pressing Ctrl + shift + I on the keyboard.
  • Go again to the Graphics tab on the left navigation and disable ASTC texture.

disable ASTC texture - Bluestacks Engine could not start

  • Click Save Changes and then Restart now to confirm the above changes.

4] Change its ABI setting to ARM

A few users reported resolving this issue simply by changing BlueStacks’s ABI settings to ARM. Of course, you can’t modify this feature if your device isn’t an ARM-based device. Here’s how you may check and change this setting on your BlueStacks engine. The steps to change its core structure from ABI to ARM are outlined below –

  • Click on the BluetStacks icon to open it.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + I to invoke its settings page.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and locate “ABI feature”.
  • Change this setting to ARM64 and click Save Changes.
  • The engine will prompt again to restart your emulator. Well, click Restart now. 

If the problem persists even after this, you may consider uninstalling all the downloaded apps on it. Check if the problem resolves after this. In case it is starting perfectly now, you may reinstall the previously deleted apps or games on it. 

5] Update BlueStacks

If neither of the above solutions works to resolve its starting issue, try updating the BlueStacks for once. It might be looking for a patch update to fix the existing issues. Here’s how you may update BlueStacks on your computer –

  • Open the BlueStacks app.
  • Click the three horizontal bars on the menu and select Settings.
  • Go to the About section, and hit Check for updates.

Bluestacks Engine could not start

  • BlueStacks will connect to its servers and check for any pending updates online. 

In case it does find any available update, the same will be downloaded and installed automatically. I hope the problem resolves after this. Let’s know in the comment section if you face any difficulty following the above solutions. 

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