How to Fix Bing Chat not working Error E010007 or E010014

Several users reported receiving error codes E010006, E010007, or E0100014 when they were trying to launch the Bing Chat AI on their Windows PCs. Since you are here you must also be one such user and are wondering what to do next to address this “Bing Chat not working error E010007” on your computer. 

Well, you have come to the right place, as here in this article, we will discuss all possible reasons behind it and a few workarounds that might solve this “Bing Chat not working issue” in Windows. These error codes often occur bringing some error messages as depicted in the below screenshot – 

Bing Chat not working Error E010007

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What causes Bing Chat AI to fail on error code E010007?

ChatGPT-powered Bing AI fails to start on some error codes E010006, E010007, or E010014 primarily when one or a combination of the following issues met on your computer – 

  • The presence of old caches, cookies, or site settings
  • OpenAI’s server is down or under maintenance
  • You are on an outdated version of Microsoft Edge
  • There have been some network issues on your Windows PC
  • Windows Firewall is preventing you from accessing Bing Chat AI

Now that you know what may have triggered these error codes in Bing Chat, let’s have a look at the working solutions. 

How to Fix Bing Chat Not working Error E010007

Bing Chat AI is still new and encountering some error codes on it while opening it is pretty common these days. Since Microsoft has upgraded its system, the appearing issue might resolve on its own after a few seconds. However, if the same doesn’t happen, you may consider applying the below fixes one after another – 

1] Clear Browsing history, cookies, and other site data

It is required of us, users, to regularly delete browsing history, download history, accumulated cache, cookies, and other site data. When you fail to perform this simple task, this might result in an error code E010006, E010007, or E010014 when chatting with the new Bing. 

So, before you apply any other background, make sure to delete cookies and cache data from Microsoft Edge. Here’s how to proceed with clearing cookies –

  • Launch Microsoft Edge, and press Ctrl + Shift + Del keys altogether.
  • You will now be redirected to the Clear browsing data page under Settings

Clear cache in Microsoft Edge

  • Click Choose what to clear, tick all the boxes, and hit Clear now

Clear Cached images and files

Wait for the cookies and accumulated cache to delete from your browser and restart your computer. Sign back into your device again and check if you can use the new Bing without facing an error code E010007.

2] Check the OpenAI’s Server Status for the new Bing

Many a time, this is not because of issues at your end you are getting these error codes. Instead, the servers of either Bing or OpenAI are down and as a result of this, you are encountering an error code E010006, E010007, or E010014. 

One may check OpenAI’s current Server status by visiting OpenAI Status in Microsoft Edge. You may also confirm issues related to the Server by following @OpenAI or @Bing profiles over Twitter. In case any maintenance is going down or the Server is down, these accounts let users know about the same over their Twitter profiles. 

3] Check Network issues

Errors like E010006, E010007, and E010014 might also occur owing to network issues on your computer. Windows users may confirm this by typing “Network Speed test” in Google Chrome and clicking on the top result. 

Run Network Speed Test over Chrome

  • Wait for this speed test to display results and when the results are out, you may decide whether you are indeed connected to a poor network or if is it happening because of some other reasons as well. 

Receiving a network speed other than what your internet service provider claims, you may request a technical visit. Else, you may try resetting your Router, Modem (whichever device you use to get internet on your PC). Sometimes, a simple restart of the Modem or Router may also result in the network back. Do this and check if you can connect to Bing Chat AI again on your Windows PC. 

4] Temporarily Disable Windows Defender Firewall

Though there is less probability of this, Bing chat might also stop working if Windows Firewall is blocking the Edge browser to launch in Windows. Disable Windows Defender Firewall on your computer and check if it resolves the E010007, E010006, or E010014.

Follow the below instructions on how to turn off Firewall in Windows –

  • Press Windows + S to launch Windows Search first.
  • Type “Defender Firewall” in the text field and press Enter to open the same. 
  • From the left navigation, select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off

Turn off Windows Firewall

  • Wait for this feature to expand in the right pane, and disable the Firewall settings under both Private as well as Public network settings. 
  • Click OK to confirm the recent changes and restart your computer.

When Windows 11/10 reloads, check if you can use the new Bing chat without getting into the same error codes again. In case you use some external security apps, make sure to either uninstall or disable them as well. 

5] Update Microsoft Edge

At times, Bing Chat AI stops working when you are using an outdated version of Microsoft Edge on your Windows PC. If that’s the case, you may open Microsoft Store, search for Edge over it, and upgrade this web browser from here. 

Alternatively, one may also download and install the new version of Microsoft Edge by visiting the official website

6] Contact Bing Support

If nothing seems to be working to resolve these error codes E010006, E010007, or E010014 while opening the new Bing Chat, try contacting Bing support. Microsoft has a dedicated team for its Chat section and they will provide proper assistance to address this Bing Chat not working Error E010007 on Windows

What is Bing AI ChatGPT?

Microsoft has worked on a new technology taking help from ChatGPT and released a new section on its homepage. This new section goes by the name Bing Chat AI. Simply put, this feature lets you interact with artificial intelligence and get answers to almost all queries in a human way. 

The answers provided by this chatbot are simple and easy to work on. When you query an item over this, this Chat AI also provides sources to articles from where it has extracted the contents. 

How do I enroll for Bing Chat AI?

Anyone can enroll to use the new chat AI by Microsoft. For this, open your default browser (preferably Microsoft Edge), and visit the Bing website. When opened on Chrome, Firefox, or other web browsers, this link will ask you to “Open in Microsoft Edge”. 

If you have already enrolled for the ChatGPT-powered Bing AI, just click on the Chat tab. Else, enroll for this new AI by clicking on the “Join the waitlist” button. You must provide an email-id here so that you can receive a confirmation message when you are authorized to use the new Chat AI on your computer.