Fix Battery Draining on Samsung Galaxy Watch

This post covers how to fix the battery draining on Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung claims that its new Galaxy Watch 4 will have a battery life of 40 hours or four days. Although so many users agree with that statement, there have been complaints about Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 battery draining too quickly. Some users are reporting that they are getting less than 10 hours of backup on a fully charged battery, which poses a real problem.

This was a problem we were having with one of our devices, so we checked out forums and complaints. In this article, we have compiled a few potential workarounds that can be used to resolve the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s battery drain issue.

Fix Battery Draining on Samsung Galaxy Watch

In case your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 battery is draining too quickly and doesn’t last even a single day, try these solutions:

Battery draining on Samsung Galaxy Watch

1] Change the notification settings

If you install lots of apps or subscribe to multiple websites on your smartwatch, it will receive a lot of notifications, just like your phone. In this scenario, you might want to adjust the notification settings, since repeated notifications drain the battery.

To change the notification settings on your phone, you first need to open the Galaxy Wearable app.

  • Go to Watch settings > Notifications > Advanced notifications settings.
  • Disable the toggle next to the Turn on screen option. This will prevent you from receiving notifications on the watch screen, although the watch will vibrate and notify you so you can check it if necessary.
  • Similarly, turn off the toggle switch for Turn on for new apps. The feature automatically turns on notifications for newly installed apps, so this will prevent it from occurring.

2] Remove unwanted apps

Smartwatches come with several pre-installed apps, and users can add more through the app store. Apps are definitely beneficial for certain purposes, but having too many on the device unnecessarily may affect performance and cause the battery to drain more quickly. This is because apps need to be updated constantly, even when you’re not using them. It’s therefore, better to get rid of such applications that are rarely used. 

To uninstall an app from your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, you can use your smartphone or the watch itself. To see how both work, read on.

Using the Galaxy Watch Wear app

  • Open the app drawer on your smartwatch.
  • Press and hold on to the app you want to remove.
  • Then select the Uninstall button.
  • Tap the OK button when the watch asks for your permission.

Using the Wearable app on your smartphone

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your Smartphone.
  • Tab on Watch settings > Apps.
  • Then select the unwanted app you want to remove.
  • Select the Uninstall button.
  • Again tab Uninstall to confirm it.

If you suspect an app is using more battery than it should, check the battery section. This will show you the applications that consume the most resources, so you can uninstall them.

3] Turn off GPS, NFC, and Wi-Fi

When you don’t need GPS, Wi-Fi, or NFC at the moment, why do people keep them enabled? There’s no doubt that these network-related features are useful and provide a lot of functionality, but they also require a lot of battery power to keep them running. Therefore, it is highly recommended to turn them off when they are not in use.

4] Reduce the Brightness level

The Samsung Watch 4 comes with a super AMOLED display. If you keep the brightness level on this watch low, it will remain clearly visible even in direct sunlight. We recommend you set the brightness level to approximately 50 percent or less if you want your battery to last longer. Another thing to do is to make sure the auto brightness feature is off as well.

5] Turn off Always On Display

The Always On Display feature allows the screen to stay on all the time. Though it seems cool to have this feature in your smartwatch, it consumes more battery power. By turning off this feature, you will get an extra 5-6 hours of battery life. This could make a considerable difference in the lifespan of your battery. The following steps show how you do so:

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your Smartphone.
  • Go to Watch settings > Display.
  • Turn off the toggle switch next to Always On Display.

6] Clear your background apps

When background apps are running on your phone, they consume a lot of battery power, which applies to watches as well. As a result, it is better to shut down any applications running in the background. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Open the app drawer on your smartwatch.
  • Tap on the Recent apps.
  • Now tap on the Close all button that is to the left of the extreme left and all background apps will be cleared.

These are some of the methods you can use to make your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch’s battery last longer.

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