Fix- Audio issues after KB4489899 cumulative update on Windows 10

Did you too face Audio issues after KB4489899 cumulative update on your System? If yes, then we have brought some easy fixes to remove this bug from your PC. Microsoft rolls out KB4489899 recently as a patch up the update for Windows 10 v1809 users.

There are some quality improvements made on this KB including some major fixes for Windows Sandbox. Apart from these refinements, there are some known issues as well. The audio performance issue is one among them that several users have encountered on their System after applying for patch-up release.

Microsoft confirms that certain apps like Windows Media Player or Realtek HD Audio Manager are not working properly after updating to this release. You have to re-configure Audio Settings on Media players to default so that it starts functioning well. Let’s explore 3 quick methods to fix these Audio issues after KB4489899-

Fix- Audio issue after KB4489899 cumulative update

1. Using the Windows Media player

If you face an audio issue after Kb4489899 cumulative update, you have to amend some settings in Windows Media Player. You must select Default audio in the Soundbox option to solve this error. Here is the procedure to follow-

At first, go to Cortana and type Windows Media player in the text box.

When this Desktop App opens up, navigate to the following path-

Audio issues after KB4489899

Windows Media Player --> Organize --> Options --> Devices

Here, select one device then henceforth hit the Properties button.

Audio issues after KB4489899

This will open the Sound Playback section where you need to choose the Default Audio Device under Select the Audio device drop-down menu.


This will reset the Audio device to default in Windows Media Player.

Furthermore, you can now adjust the volume using the Windows 10 settings app.

Note: The Above process may vary for different applications. Therefore, follow the next workaround, if you are not able to configure these settings on your device.

2. Using Windows 10 default Settings App

  1. Press WIN logo & I altogether to launch Settings.
  2. When the app comes in view, tap System category.
  3. Now scroll down the cursor to reach App volume & device preferences option.
  4. Here set the Default option under the Windows Media player section henceforth hit the Reset button.

At last, try playing Music again. Hope, Audio issues after KB4489899 must have solved by now on your System.

3. Uninstall KB4489899 cumulative update

In case, you don’t find the above solution useful, you might have to uninstall KB4489899 cumulative update from your System. There may be some issues inside the installed update itself, So uninstalling it may overcome this bug. Here are the complete step-wise instructions to delete this update-

  • Go to System tray and hit Cortana.
  • Now type Settings in the text box then press Enter to launch the application.
  • Once the app comes in view, tap the Update & Security category followed by Update history on the right pane.

Audio issues after KB4489899

  • Here, you can see the list of recent updates installed on your PC.
  • Subsequently, press the Uninstall button available at the top left the corner.

KB4489899 cumulative update

  • This will open the current update list in Control Panel, select KB4489899 and press Uninstall again.

If confirmation dialog appears up, click Yes to proceed.

When this task is completed, Reboot your system, so that changes made so far come into effect.

Hope, this might resolve Audio issues after KB448989 on your System.

Note: The company is working on this faulty patch up update and probably roll out a non-security cumulative update by the end of March.

Wait till then!