Fix – 19H1 KB4512941 Orange Screen of Death Error

The company rolls the KB4512941 patch update on the last day of the month of August 2019. After ten days of usage, several new bugs are arising on this cumulative update. Windows 10 users are facing issues like broken Search/Cortana, Orange Screen of death error, and others on KB4512941. 

The team has unveiled the 19H1 Build 18362.329 shortly afterward its testing completes in the release preview ring. A few users reported high CPU usage after installing KB4512941 on their PCs. As per them, this is somehow related to the SearchUI.exe process and persists even when your system is idle. In a few instances, the search flyout appears broken and was not displaying any content. 

Known Issues on KB4512941 after a few days usage

Here, we depict some known bugs that appear from time to time this patch update-

  • Orange Screen of death Error
  • Orange tint availability on the Screenshots (despite using different apps)
  • Broken Search/Cortana
  • High CPU usage

How to resolve the KB4512941 Orange Screen error

At present, there are no working solutions to fix this orange screen owing to the KB4512941 patch update. In general, OEM software is responsible for any errors on the display screen. Hence, in the best interest of your PC, you must uninstall the current OEM on your Windows 10 device. 

We recommend uninstalling this cumulative update completely from your PC and rollback the display driver to an earlier version. Performing this will definitely resolve the KB4512941 Orange Screen issue.

If you haven’t installed this patch update, it is better not to go for this when there are concurrent troubles. Just wait a little longer and let the company sort this issue out. Once, Microsoft team reworks on this update, then only install KB4512941 on your computer. 

You can even wait for the next 19H1 cumulative update as this is due for the 10th of Sept 2019.