File Attachments is now available on Microsoft To-Do

File Attachments are now available for beta testers on Microsoft To-Do. This will let users attach a file to any task on the personal list. Beta users can test this feature on Android, iOS or Windows 10 phones as per their choice. The available file size limit is up to 25 Mb.

Microsoft allows Upload of multiple files during a specific task. Today, in this article, we will discuss all aspects related to this File attachment on Microsoft To-Do for beta testers. Let’s gather more entail to this-

What is Microsoft TO-Do?

Microsoft To-Do is a plain simple and intelligent app. This helps you to plan your day in a perfect sense. To-Do will most probably increase the productivity of the task in an organized way. The interface of this app is kept simple but efficient lashed with smart technology.

Microsoft To Do

This app uses Microsoft Exchange for syncing activity. This means that all the items created in To-Do will use either Outlook or Office 365 account to sync across different platforms. However, the sub-tasks or the files attached in Microsoft To-Do won’t be displayed in the Outlook tasks. This implies that some of the features of the Microsoft To-Do app are really exclusive. Only time will tell how this will perform in the near future.

One thing is sure and that is To-Do is a super-powered version of Outlook tasks lacking some characteristics.

The Files Attachments feature in Microsoft To-Do is only for Beta testers till now to see how it actually works.

There is also a rich entry bar on Android to add the sticky notes like- due dates, reminders, task and many more while creating a new task. In the coming weeks, this feature will be available for the general public. To avail this facility, you can sign up now. This will link you to the beta tester on Android and iOS.

That’s it for now. We will write more when some new things are uncovered.