How to Enable the Extensions Menu Button in Chromium Edge Canary

Microsoft Edge Canary team is currently working on a new Extensions menu which appears on the toolbar. The motive is pretty simple, all they want is to localize whatever extensions one has at a single point. This will no doubt make accessing these extensions very easy and fast as well. The second good thing about the latest release is that it re-designs the interface so as to have a cleaner toolbar. Today, in this post, we explore ways to enable the extensions Menu Button in Chromium Edge Canary.

Microsoft introduces a new separate Manage extensions link for the convenience of its users. After you enable this menu, you may hide or show this extension button right from the toolbar. The menu resembles a pin icon whenever you hover the mouse pointer over this. You may click on this icon to pin any new extensions to the toolbar. To unpin this, just twice click on the same or make a right-click and choose “unpin it” option. Let’s explore these new functionalities in detail-

Enable the Extensions Menu Button in Chromium Edge Canary

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Here’s how to Enable the Extensions Menu Button on Chromium Edge Canary

Step-1: At first, stop the running Microsoft Edge Canary web-browser.

Step-2: Thereupon, do the right-click on its icon and choose Properties using the Context menu.

Edge Canary Properties

Step-3: Henceforth, add ” –enable-features=ExtensionsToolbarMenu” next to the “msedge.exe” section. The same you can find inside the box against Target. See the snapshot if you still have any doubts.

Enable the Extensions Menu Button in Chromium Edge Canary

Step-4: Now, use this modified icon to launch Edge Canary each and every time. 

That would be all. The Company is still maintaining its effort to release different Edge Insiders as per the rules set in the beginning. The Canary channel receives updates on a daily basis except for Sat and Sun. Contrary to this, Dev Channel receives updates weekly whereas the Beta Channel every 6 weeks. As per the experts, users may obtain a stable channel very soon.

Recent Edge Chromium versions 

Below are the latest pre-release by Microsoft for the Edge Chromium different versions-

  • Beta Channel:
  • Dev Channel: 
  • Canary Channel:

You may download the above builds visiting the official website of Microsoft Edge Insider Channels.

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