How to Enable separate Search and Cortana in Windows 10 19H1

Today, in this article, we will talk about how to enable or disable Separate Search and Cortana UI in Windows 10. Microsoft is in the continual effort to make its apps and settings run smoothly and effectively. For this, the Company is experimenting with several existing apps and their related Settings.

Separate Search and Cortana is one such feature that is still under the testing phase. If proved useful, the same will be brought in Windows 10 19H1 Insider preview under the name “Conversation Canvas“. The prime role of Search will be to manage Notebook, reminders, web searches, maintain local apps, files and documents. The main motive behind these tactics is to make the search faster and more accurate.

separate Search and Cortana

How to enable Separate Search and Cortana UI in Windows 10

Here is the complete description on how to enable separate Search and Cortana UI on Windows 10 –

Step-1: At first visit Github and select the app as per your system architect.

Step-2: Now download the mach2 tool and extract the ZIP archive using the unzip app. Thereafter save it to any specified folder.

Step-3: Succeeding after going to Cortana and type <a name=”jump”></a>

Step-4: Again right-click on the best-appeared result and select Run as Administrator option from the context menu.

Step-5: Write the specific path where you have saved the file (for example- cd /d c:\mach2).

Note: Here cd/d is the command whereas c:\mach2 is the folder name that contains the mach2 app.

Step-6: Henceforth, type command is written below then hit Enter to execute this command.

mach2 enable -v 2 17983783 

Step-7: Once this process is finished, type exit to close the Command Prompt.

Step-8: At last, close all active windows and Restart your PC.

Enjoy the new search UI icon, available on the Taskbar.

RECOMMENDED: Windows 10 19H2 Insider build 18823 is out

How to disable Separate Search and Cortana UI in Windows 10

Disabling Separate Search and Cortana icons from the taskbar is quite easy. Just uninstall this mach2 app which was recently downloaded. In case, you don’t want to see the icon only, make a right-click on this search icon and select Unpin from taskbar option.

This tool, at present, is in the A/B testing phase and Microsoft is accruing users’ feedback. Hence it will only be available on selected Insider Preview of Windows 10 19H1. If this is indeed found to be useful, the same will be included in the final version of Windows 10 19H1 launch.

You must be now able to enable or disable the Separate Search and Cortana feature on your System. If you have a query related to this, drop your question in the comment box.