How to enable reader view on Chromium Edge Browser

Microsoft is constantly adding new features on its Chromium-based Edge Browser such as chrome extensions, theme, reader view, etc. They have added the reading attribute recently using which one can enable reader view on New Edge.

Nowadays, almost every browser provides this reader mode. This not only minimizes the Blue rays instead it does remove other distracting elements as well such as- Ads, Navigation elements and sidebar. Doing so, it imparts a better reading view to its users.

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This feature was already there in Classic Edge, so all they require is to import this to New Edge. Here, in this article, we will discuss how to enable reader view on Chromium Edge Web-Browser. Let’s explore this in detail-

How to turn on Reader View in Microsoft Edge Dev

In case you are familiar with old Edge, the browser displays an open book icon whenever the webpage becomes reader-friendly. Just tap this icon and you will enter its Reader View. Since the wait is already over, here we guide you the steps using which you can enable a Reader view on your Chromium Edge web-browser.

  • At first, open Microsoft Edge and type edge://flags in the address bar followed by Enter.
  • Henceforth scroll down the cursor to locate the “Microsoft Edge Reading View” flag. ( See Snapshot below)

reader view on Chromium Edge

  • Succeeding after, choose Enabled option on the drop-down menu thereafter press Relaunch Now Tab.

This will restart the Edge Browser, you can now enable reading view easily on your System.

Note: Do reboot your PC so that changes made so far come into effect.

In case, you want to exit this Reading view, just make a click on the open book. Doing this will restore the original article.

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