How to Enable Password leak Detection in Google Chrome

The developers are continuously enhancing the features of the Google Chrome Canary web browser. Apart from new attributes, they are including several other improvements and fixes to the persistent bugs. The password leak Detection in Google Chrome is one such issue that poses security concerns over personal data. If Chrome identifies any unauthorized person trying to track data, it blocks all the linked ids and suggests the owner change the relevant passcode as well.  

Password leak detection is not a unique term as this occurred before as well bearing the name Password Checkup Extension. There is no need to separately install any new program rather you require to enable its flag by visiting Advanced settings on Google Chrome. Let’s explore the steps to turn On the Password leak Detection on your PC. 

Note: The following workaround is applicable to other operating systems as well like – macOS, ChromeOS, or Linux.

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Enable password leak detection in Google Chrome

To turn on the password leak detection in Chrome Canary, use the steps –

  • Launch the Chrome web browser.
  • Copy-paste the following path at the address bar and press the Enter key –
  • Here, select the Enabled option using the drop-down menu next to Password leak detection

Note: To turn off this feature, select Disabled using the same drop-down menu.

  • Next, tap the Relaunch button available at the bottom as shown below –

Password leak Detection in Google Chrome

After completing the above steps, the browser will auto-save the recent changes. From now onward, if someone tries stealing your login information or any personal data, they will automatically be debarred. 

Make sure to change the earlier passwords including passcodes that were saved on Google Chrome.

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