How to enable or disable PiP Mode in Mozilla Firefox

Windows 10 users finally receive the PiP Mode on Mozilla Firefox after downloading its version 71.0. Mobile users get a new feature “Enhanced Tracking Protection” after applying the current version. One may avail of this new attribute (picture-in-picture) by Firefox on his/her PC after updating Mozilla to the current version. 

PiP mode has become a necessity for those who love performing multi-task simultaneously. You may apply this feature while working on HTML5 video sources or watching clips on YouTube, Vimeo and others. Apart from this, you may watch copyright videos in PiP mode on Netflix where data is protected by digital rights management (DRM). All you need is to press the blue “Picture-in-Picture” button and the video will start playing separately in an enclosed window. Once enabled, one can switch in/out of the current tabs effectively. 

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Enabling Picture in Picture Mode on Firefox

To enable PiP mode in Mozilla Firefox, use the steps –

  • Launch Firefox Web-browser.
  • Tap the hamburger icon (available at the top-right corner) and select Options.
  • On the succeeding screen, click General then move to the adjacent right-pane.
  • Here, locate Browsing thereafter tick the checkbox against “Enable picture-in-picture video controls”. See the snapshot below –

PiP Mode in Mozilla Firefox

Disabling Picture in Picture Mode on Firefox

To enable PiP mode in Mozilla Firefox, use these steps –

  • Open Firefox again.
  • Hover the cursor over the Hamburger button then hit the same.
  • Select Options followed by General on the upcoming window.
  • Switch to the right panel, scroll down to locate the Browsing section.
  • Henceforth, uncheck the box “Enable picture-in-picture video controls”.

That’s it, you won’t be able to enjoy the picture in picture mode attribute by Firefox team.

Note: The company will introduce Firefox 71.0 for Linux as well as Mac users by the end of January 2020.

Enhanced Tracking Protection

Since Mozilla covers a huge section of smartphone users as well, they bring Enhanced Tracking Protection on its sister branch “Firefox Preview”. Once enabled, the browser itself will safeguard against crypto mining, fingerprinting trackers, and analytics trackers. 

Furthermore, they roll the Firefox Site Protection feature on its Preview version. This functionality help users to identify crypto miners, trackers from either social media or third-party apps.