Enable or Disable Notification of USB Issues in Windows 10

Microsoft frequently launches features that enhance the existing version of Windows 10 and its performance as well. Sometimes, the new changes backfire and start creating unnecessary pop-ups. Well, recently a few users posted they are getting annoying notification of USB Issues while attaching the device to Windows 10. Notification of USB Issues is a recent bug that appears starting with build 10547

In general, one must not turn off notifications, however, if it is coming way too much, you may turn them off. As soon as you resolve the issue, make sure to revert back the changes. The above-said bug arises mainly when you attach a new USB like a pen drive, the camera, printer, however, the system simply can’t recognize the device.

To halt the unnecessary notification, the best thing is to disable the same using either Local Settings or Registry tweaks. When you find the exact reason behind this bug and resolve the same, you can Turn On or Off notification of USB easily on Windows 10 PC.

How to Enable or Disable Notification of USB Issues in Windows 10

To Turn On and Off Notification of USB issues, use the following workarounds –

1. Using Local Settings

The Windows 10 settings app provides the quickest way to either turn on or off the Notification of USB Issues. Here’s how to proceed –

  • Right-click on Windows and hit the Gear icon from the left pane.

Enable or Disable Notification of USB Issues

  • Select the Devices category.
  • On the left pane, click USB then move to the adjacent right side. 
  • Now, uncheck the box against Notify me if there are any issues connecting to the USB devices

Enable or Disable Notification of USB Issues

Note: By default, this feature is enabled. If you want to display the notification, just turn this checkbox On.

That’s it, you can now go back to the main screen and see the changes.

2. Via Registry Tweak

The Registry editor provides an alternate way to either enable or disable Notification of USB Issues on Windows 10 Device. To perform this task, login into your PC as an Admin and use these steps –

Warning: Any wrongdoings inside the registry can severely affect your Windows 10 apps, and sometimes OS as well. This is why we suggest creating a full backup of all personal files and folders. 

  • Press Win & S hotkey together to launch the search windows.
  • Inside the text area, type regedit and press Enter.
  • When the UAC prompts, tap Yes to launch Registry Editor.
  • At the address bar, copy/paste the below path and hit Enter. Alternatively, one may use the navigation panel on the left side as well –
  • Switch to the right pane and do the right-click on the NotifyOnUsbErrors entry.
  • Here, select modify option thereafter create a new 32-Bit DWORD value.

Note: Even if you are using 64-bit OS, you need to generate a 32-bit DWORD key-value only.

Enable or Disable Notification of USB Issues

  • Next, put 1 under the value data so as to turn on the notification of the USB issue. To disable, you may change it to 0.

Once finished, close the Registry and Restart your PC to make the changes effective from the next login.