Enable or Disable Archive Apps on Windows 10

With Windows 10 build 20201, Microsoft has introduced a new feature named Archive apps that will archive those apps you use rarely. Having this feature, you will be saved internet bandwidth and storage space on the local device. Currently, this feature is only available in some installations of Windows 10 preview builds.

Moreover, this archives the apps that you don’t use frequently keeping all your files, folders, and other data intact.  Officially this feature has not made available yet but you can find it under Windows Settings > Apps > Apps and features.

You will get this feature enabled by default and it works automatically in the background. However, if you don’t like this feature, you can disable it and prevent your Windows 10 PC from offloading the unused apps. This post will show you an easy method to enable or disable archive apps for your account.

The description offers the features read as follows:

To save storage space and Internet bandwidth, apps you don't use frequently will be archived automatically. Your files and other data will be saved. The next time you use an archived app, it'll connect to the Internet to restore the full version (if it's still available).

Way to Enable or Disable Archive Apps in Windows 10

To enable or disable archive apps in Windows 10, use the steps –

  • Open Settings apps using “Windows+I” shortcut.
  • Select Apps > Apps & features.
  • On the next page, move to the right side and locate Archive apps.

Enable and Disable Archive Apps

  • By default, this option is enabled and it works automatically in the background. You can click on the toggle switch to make it disable.

That’s it.