Enable or Disable Networking connectivity in Standby from Power Options

Did you also face the “Networking connectivity in Standby” issue on your System and don’t know what to do? Well, you have come to the right place as here we will discuss two different ways to fix this bug. All you need to do is to adjust minor settings under Power Options to rectify this “Networking connectivity in Standby” trouble.

The Networking connectivity setting under Power Options provides several tweaks to Windows 10 users. They are Enable (default setting), Disable and Disable the connection whenever the laptop lid is closed or Standby. Let’s explore these functions to regulate uninterrupted network signal-

Enable or Disable “Networking connectivity in Standby” from Power Options- Windows 10

Here we will discuss two different ways to Enable or Disable “Networking connectivity in Standby” from Power Options.

  1. Using Command Prompt
  2. Using Registry Editor

Note: Before proceeding, login into your PC with administrative privilege. If you don’t know how to do it, click here to sign in as an Administrator.

1. Using Command Prompt

Step-1: Press Windows & R hotkey altogether to launch Run dialog.

Step-2: Write cmd at the void box then simultaneously hit Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter to open Command Prompt as administrator.

Step-3: If the UAC prompt appears up, hit Yes to sanction the access.

Step-4: Here copy/ paste or write the following code in the elevated window. Make sure to press Enter at the end to execute this task.

  • To add Networking connectivity in Standby from Power Options
powercfg -attributes F15576E8-98B7-4186-B944-EAFA664402D9 -ATTRIB_HIDE
  • To remove Networking connectivity in Standby from Power Options
powercfg -attributes F15576E8-98B7-4186-B944-EAFA664402D9 +ATTRIB_HIDE

Networking connectivity in Standby

Step-5: Once the code runs successfully, close the command prompt and check whether the option Enable/ Disable (as per your selection) does the charm or not.

How to check “Networking connectivity in Standby” from Power Options

  1. Press Win & I to open Settings. When the Settings app appears up, choose System.
  2. Again, select Power & Sleep option on the left column followed by Additional power settings in the right pane.
  3. Here,  under the Balance (recommended) section, hit the change plan Settings link.
  4. Once the page comes into effect, tap change advanced power settings.
  5. Check if Networking connectivity in Standby is enabled or disabled here or not. If not, follow the next workaround-

2. Using Registry Editor

  • Go to Cortana and type Registry Editor, click on the best result from the list of options.
  • If UAC prompt pops up, hit Yes to permit the access.
  • Again on the new window copy/paste the following path at the navigation bar and hit Enter to access this location. You can alternatively, choose the options in the correct sequence on the ladder available on the left side.


Networking connectivity in Standby

  • Now switch to the right pane and open the Attributes key and put value i.e. either 1 or 2 according to your choice.
To enable =2
To Disable =1
  • Tap OK to confirm the changes made so far and close Registry Editor.
  • At last, open Power options and look whether “Networking connectivity in Standby” stands Enable or Disable (as per your choice) or not.
  • In this way, you can have uninterrupted network connectivity on your System at both i.e. ON Battery or Cable Plugged in.

That’s it. If you have any queries related to this article, do ask us below in the comment box.

Soni Aryan

Soni Aryan

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