How to enable Internet Explorer Mode in Chromium Edge

Today, in this blog post, we explain how to enable Internet Explorer Mode in Chromium Edge. A few weeks ago, the company has limited this option only to Enterprise versions. Although, Microsoft has reversed its original decision and thus lets Windows users explore the IE Mode testing on the stable Edge.

Instead of providing a direct solution to this, the experts have brought a new feature that you can enable following a few steps. This new attribute is “Open Sites in Internet Explorer mode” that you can re-enable easily. You may encounter a new warning message while opening the Web-browser by next week. Here the message reads “You are using an unsupported command-line flag that poses stability as well as security risks”. Anyway, just ignore this message by clicking upon the close button. 

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Re-enable Open sites in Internet Explorer on Microsoft Edge 

Here, we depict the necessary steps to enable open sites in Internet Explorer Mode on Chromium Edge –

Step-1: At first, make sure that you are having the latest version of Edge. Alternatively, you can download the same by visiting the Official page.

Step-2: Open the Chromium Edge Dev and type edge://flags/ in the address bar followed by the Enter

Step-3: Type “integration” in the search flags thereupon select IE Mode under the “Enable IE Integration” flag. Subsequently, the Browser will prompt to restart, Just tap the Restart button. See the Snapshot below-

enable Internet Explorer Mode in Chromium Edge

Step-4: Come out of the Edge Dev Browser henceforth make a right-click on its icon available at Taskbar. Next, do the right-click again on the Microsoft Edge Dev and choose Properties option from the sub-menu. 

enable Internet Explorer Mode in Chromium Edge

Step-5: On the new window, switch to shortcut tab then add “–ie-mode-test” under Target. Hit Apply then OK to save the changes. The link under Target would now appear as the following-

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge Dev\Application\msedge.exe" --ie-mode-test

Edge Dev Properties

Note: Just make sure to enter the space between the old text and the newly added text. Otherwise, this won’t work.

Step-6: Succeeding after, tap its icon to launch Edge Dev then hit the Ellipsis menu. Hover the cursor over “More Tools” and you will find “Open sites in Internet Explorer mode” option listed here. Previously, this appears as “show this page using Internet Explorer”.

Step-7: Hit the new option and your current page will start in IE Mode. You may notice the following message-

“All sites in this tab will be opened in Internet Explorer mode”

Note: The above command line is working on Edge Dev Browser only.

You can test any other websites as well. All you need is to type the domain then hit the newly added option under the More Tools sub-menu.