[Download] Unigram 4.0 – An unofficial Telegram Client for Windows 10

Microsoft Store uploads a new version of the Unigram application i.e. Unigram 4.0 (5098). Titled “an unofficial Telegram client optimized for Windows 10”, this is a way cooler and faster app for Windows 10 users. Its interface offers no lag, scrolling is much swift and quick. Talking about the syncing, there’s not a match of the Telegram app. 

As of now, this is rated 4.1 with 71 reviews and 400 Million active users. The new version i.e. Unigram 4.0 now provides better security, syncing, improved and reliable interface, etc. Moreover, this doesn’t pose any limit to the Media size or type. When it comes to including members, this supports 200K users.

Imp: We will keep on updating this post for new changes and features as they unveil on the application –

What’s new on Unigram 4.2 

Github releases the next stable version of Unigram i.e. Unigram 4.2. This brings the following changes –

  • Groups and channels: The latest feature update is progressing Unigram to completion. 
  • One may download the source code visiting the Assets section. 

What’s changed on Unigram 4.1

With Unigram 4.1, users receive support for Dark themes, Stickers, Masks, and GIFs. To know more, read this post.

What’s new on Unigram 4.0 Application

There have been quite interesting improvements to the Chat folders, Streaming Videos/Audios, GIFs, Emojis, and others. Let’s see the changelog in detail –

Unigram 4.0 - An unofficial Telegram Client

Improvements to the Chat Folder 

  • Better syncing across devices at once – Start typing on Mobile’s interface and finish the same on the Laptop application.
  • Better Security with encryption – 256-bit symmetric AES, 2048-bit RSA, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.
  • Flexible User Settings, Background images, and others.
  • Users may now Pin a particular chat to the top just like on Twitter, Facebook, etc. 
  • Scroll over the interface at ease, very fast as compared to the Telegram app for Windows 10. 
  • Chat history won’t acquire any actual disk space rather this uses its own cloud server. 

Faster and Reliable Interface

  • Unigram 4.0 (5098) makes the streaming even faster than before.
  • No lagging behind if you are having a good Internet speed.
  • Deliver the messages in minimum bytes possible.
  • Works even on the weakest mobile connections.
  • Powerful online tool to edit videos, photos, GIFs, etc. 
  • Telegram will remain always FREE – NO Ads or any Subscription Fees.

Improvements to Sending Files and Media

  • Send Numerous Media or files to your friends – No Limit on their type and size.
  • Create a group chat that allows 200,000 members, upload large media (cloud is the limit).
  • Supports different extensions – .DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.
  • Host Online communities or coordinate teamwork.


  • As per Telegram, they take privacy very seriously and will never share any data with third-party apps.
  • If you want to be more discreet, use Secret Chats and set a self-destruct timing beforehand. Doing so, no one can take a screenshot of what you typed there and will delete itself when it reaches the set time frame.

Note: The Self-destruct feature is really cool and is yet to appear on Whatsapp or other Messengers. 

If you want to see the complete list of changes on Unigram 4.0 (5098), visit the GitHub.

How to Get the Unigram 4.0 on Windows 10

To download and install Unigram 4.0 on Windows 10 PC, use the below steps –

Get Unigram 4.0

  • A pop-up will appear prompting to “Open Microsoft Store”, click Open.
  • When the Windows Store comes into view, hit the Get button again.
  • The system will then look for compatibility issues and if none found, downloading starts.

Get the App

  • After you see the “The product is installed” message, click the Launch button.

That’s it, now you own the Unigram 4.0 application. 

How to start messaging on Unigram 4.0 

  • Since you already own the application, click its icon to start Unigram.
  • Just enter a valid “Mobile number” and verify it to access the interface. 

Enter Mobile Number

Note: Make sure to use the credentials matching to that of the Telegram app.

  • If you haven’t created an account on Telegram, open the Message app, and see whether you receive any five-digit code or not. 
  • Copy the security code and fill in over Unigram interface.
  • That’s it, you may now enjoy messaging to the friends that are already on either Telegram or Unigram.

The beauty of Telegram/Unigram is that you can get any media (movie or music) easily. Just type what are you looking for in the search box and see the charm.