[Download] Colorful Boats PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

We all love the sight-seeing while riding a boat on a pleasant day. The calm running river, surrounding environment excellently depicts the beauty of nature. If you are one such user, Microsoft releases a beautiful 4k theme titled “Colorful Boats PREMIUM” for Windows 10. This consists of 14 high resolution 14 wallpapers that you can use to beautify your Monitor Screen. All these pictures include one or more boats taken on a brighter day.

This theme is available at Windows Store in English (US) language only. Being a lightweight personalization app, this occupies only 11.8 MB on your HDD. To avail of its natural collection of premium images, you need to sign-in to your Microsoft account and start decorating your Desktop Display. Furthermore, you can apply this application on up to ten Windows 10 devices. 

Colorful Boats PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

How to Get Colorful Boats PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

To download and apply Colorful Boats Premium Theme on Windows 10 PC, use the steps –

Colorful Boats PREMIUM

  • A pop-up may appear asking to sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • After you put your credentials and click Get, the system will redirect you to the Windows Store.
  • Here, tap the Install button and wait until this finishes downloading the necessary files.
  • Now, hit Apply so as to start the theme section under personalization.
  • Move to the right pane and select “Colorful Boats PREMIUM” to set it as the default theme app.

To modify the color scheme on your computer after altering the default theme, navigate to the following path –

Settings (Win+I) > Personalization > Colors

System Requirements

You must fulfill the following minimum system requirements to set Colorful Boats PREMIUM as the default one. 

  1. Windows 10 version – 14951.0 or higher
  2. System Architecture – x86, x64, ARM, ARM64

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