How to disable Automatic Screen Rotation on Windows 10

Do you want to disable automatic screen rotation feature on your Windows 10 PC? This attribute comes into picture only when you are having a convertible PC or tablet. It works similar to that of Auto-rotate Screen characteristic in Android, and yes indeed you can turn on or off this feature on your System as well.

In general, when you start using an accelerometer or a gyroscope sensor on your device, the auto-orientation change of Screen occurs. Today, we will discuss three different ways to sort this out. They are using either Action Center, local Settings or Registry Editor.

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Disable automatic screen rotation on Windows 10

Although this feature is quite convenient as this allows viewing an image or reading texts from different angle, there are times when you simply want to get rid of this. Here, we present such three methods to disable automatic screen rotation-

Note: Changing registry incorrectly may start nuisance on your PC. Thus, proceed only if you do know what are you dealing with. It is good to create a Restore point so that is anything goes wrong, you may incorporate your previous settings and save important files/ folders as well.