How to Fix Ctrl + Alt + Delete Not Working on Windows 11

Ctrl + Alt + Delete is an important shortcut that lets you access Windows Task Manager, change passwords, and perform other useful tasks. However, some users are reporting that this keyboard shortcut no longer works. In this guide, we will see some major causes and potential solutions to fix Ctrl + Alt + Delete not working in Windows 11.

How to Fix Ctrl + Alt + Delete Not Working on Windows 11

What Causes Fix Ctrl + Alt + Delete Not Working?

There could be different reasons why this key combination may not work on your Windows computer. However, it generally happens due to the use of incompatible hardware, software conflicts, hardware or software malfunctions, or malware infections. If the shortcut is disabled due to a user setting change, you can try to reset it from the system settings.

How to Fix Ctrl + Alt + Delete Not Working on Windows 11

If the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keyboard shortcut is not working on your Windows computer, here are some steps you can take to try to fix it.

1] Check Your Keyboard

The first step you should take to fix this issue is to check the physical condition of your keyboard. If it is not plugged in properly or if some of the keys are stuck, then it may cause this shortcut to stop working. Make sure that all the keys are functioning properly and plug in the keyboard again if necessary.

2] Update Your Keyboard Drivers

If your computer is running low on the latest drivers, then it could cause this problem. In such a case, you may want to update your keyboard drivers. Here’s how to do it:

  • Right-click on Start and select Device Manager.
  • In the Device Manager window, expand the Keyboard section.
  • Then right-click on your keyboard device and select Update driver from the context menu.

Update Keyboard driver

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

3] Uninstall and Reinstall the Keyboard Driver

If you are still not able to fix the problem after updating the drivers, then you can try uninstalling and reinstalling them. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Device Manager and right-click on the keyboard device.

Uninstall the Keyboard driver to Fix Ctrl + Alt + Delete Not Working

  • Select Uninstall from the context menu.

Once you perform the above steps, restart your computer and Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers. After that, check to see if the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keyboard shortcut is working now.

4] Turn on the Filter keys

If the problem still persists, then you can turn on the filter keys to adjust keyboard repeat rates. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Control Panel and select Ease of Access Centre.
  • Under Explore all settings, click Make the keyboard easier to use link.

Make the keyboard easier to use

  • Scroll down and check the box next to Turn on Filter keys and click OK.

Turn on Filter keys to fix Ctrl + Alt + Delete Not Working

After you follow these steps, your computer should be able to recognize the Ctrl + Alt + Delete key combination. If not, you may need to reboot your system or try any other solutions mentioned below.

5] Scan Your Computer for Malware

Malicious software, commonly known as malware, can wreak havoc on your computer system. If you suspect that it’s present on your device, then quick action is key to ensure that the issue doesn’t escalate. You should use an anti-malware program that can detect and eliminate any threats from your machine without delay.

6] Perform System Restore

System Restore is a useful Windows feature that allows you to return your system to an earlier state. If something goes wrong, you can run this tool to get it back up and running again quickly.

To perform System Restore, follow these steps:

  • Open the Start menu and type in “restore”.
  • Select Create a restore point from the top of the list.
  • In the System Properties window, click on the System Restore button.

Perform a System Restore

  • Then click Next to continue the restoration process.
  • Choose a restore point, then click Next.

0x00000153 in Windows 10

  • Verify the restore point, then click Finish to start it automatically.

After performing the above steps, the Ctrl + Alt + Delete key combination should start working again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the alternative key for Ctrl + Alt + Del?

There is no alternative key for the Ctrl + Alt + Del combination. However, you may press the Windows Key + L to bring up the Lock screen. Similarly, to open the Task Manager, you can press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

2. What happens when you press Ctrl + Alt + Backspace?

Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Backspace will terminate the current X server session. This is usually only used when other methods of quitting have failed and you want to restart the graphical session without rebooting.

3. What is the full form of Ctrl?

The full form of Ctrl is Control. You can use this key in combination with other keys to perform various operations such as copy (Ctrl+C), paste (Ctrl+V), cut (Ctrl+X), select all (Ctrl+A), etc. on a Windows computer system. It is an important part of the keyboard and helps you get more work done in less time.

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