Cortana Rules and Scenes Features in Windows 10

Cortana Rules and Scenes are the new features recently added by Microsoft on Windows 10 version 1803. Now the Virtual Assistant is fully equipped to set rules in addition to remembering some easy commands. This work exactly like the functions of Alexa or Google Assistant. All you have to do is to set rules and this will perform as asked. Today, In this article, we talk about these two features of virtual assistant in detail.

Cortana is now even smarter with the new refinements and functionalities. With the onset of these features, there is the possibility of smooth operation on its search mechanism. Let’s have a clear glimpse of all the new improvements added to this Voice Assistant-

Here are the Cortana New Rules and Scenes Features

To know specifics about the Cortana Rules and Features, follow the steps described below-

  • At first, hit Cortana to let this open up.
  • Here select the second option on the top left side. This will pop up the Notebook section.
  • Henceforth navigate to the path written below-
Notebook → Manage Skills → Connected Home → Connections/ Rules/ Scenes. 

Cortana Rules and Scenes

There are several other functions that the company adds to the Rules Section. Users can choose the particular one or more if any rule is applicable to them. Now you can set at what time AC starts automatically, Geyser starts up, switch on the bulbs, etc. Just set the rules and be assured as Cortana will remind you of all the rules.

There is yet another feature that appears on Cortana is the Scenes tab. Using this new feature, users can now create new scenery. One can set this scene as Good Night. See the snapshot below and you will get the picture.

Cortana Rules and Scenes

The two features i.e. Rules and Scenes are one of a kind for PC users. Both these features work completely fine on Windows 10. The same feature is already there for Android, iOS, etc. Even there are new and old entrants as well which are tried and tested like Alexa. The likes of success of this Voice Assistant is pretty low. However, being the major PC’s operating system, no one can be sure for certain.

Anyway, we will see how does Cortana fair in the near future. Microsoft wants all its users to adapt to the new settings of Virtual Assistant. The time and Windows 10 users only will decide its fate. If you want to have more specifics about Cortana Rules and Scenes features.