How to connect to network share in Windows 10

Did you face Connect to Network Share issue recently on your System? If yes, then we have brought an effective solution for this trouble. A system connected to Network on HDD or NAS enhances the overall efficiency of the computer.

This allows several PCs to work under the same Network which is quite good if you are a part of a big organization. Once connected to the Network, you can easily transfer files and folders from one system to another. Let’s learn how to connect your System to a Network Share-

Connect to a network share in Windows 10

Here’s the complete step walk-through on how to connect to a network share in Windows 10 PC.

Step-1: Go to System tray and click on the File Explorer icon. Alternatively,  you can press Win+E hotkey together to launch the same.

Step-2: Navigate to This PC option on the left column.

Step-3: Switch to the ribbon control strip (top of the screen) and tap on Computer tab.

Step-4: Click on the drop-down button in Map Network drive and choose the same option (See snapshot).

connect to a network share

Step-5: On the pop-up window, select the Drive followed by Browse link to specify the folder which will be used for Network Share.

connect to a network share

Note: Do remember the Network address as well as Folder’s name which you used to connect to a Share Network.

Step-6: After that type valid User Name and Password under Windows Security dialog then tap OK to go back.

Step-7: Again under Map Network drive window, you will see two checkboxes to select. If you are confused at this point, you can follow the little description written below-

  1. Select Reconnect at Sign-in checkbox to ensure you don’t want to sign in every time to manually reconnect to the Network share.
  2. In case the Network Drive is password-protected, disable Connect using Different credential checkbox. This will ensure that you can set other username and password as well to log in on Network Drive.

Step-8: At last, mark the Reconnect at Sign-in checkbox and click Finish to save the changes.

Step-9: Henceforth if you hit This PC option in File Explorer, you can find the created drive under Network Location. This is now ready to access the file using the share path or connected drive.

A new drive letter under This PC will be available that can be accessed like any other folder. Moreover, if you want to disconnect the network drive, right-click on it and select the Disconnect option.

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