How to Quit or Close Multiple Apps on iPhone 14

iOS works differently in many ways when compared to Android. One basic thing you will find missing on iPhone is a single button to clear or close multiple Apps on iPhone devices. If you use multiple apps at a time, you may think of clearing all of them at once. However, it isn’t possible on iPhone. What you can do max is kill three to four apps at one go in your iPhone 13 or 14 device. 

Quit or Clear Apps on iPhone 14

Why is it essential to clear apps running on iOS?

When you use multiple apps together, a large portion of iPhone resources will be in use. Though your phone will still run very fast, it’s quite not healthy to keep running apps that you aren’t going to use anytime soon. Keeping multiple apps running in the background will only slow down your iPhone in the long run and there will be huge battery drainage as well. 

Furthermore, force closing an application becomes a necessity when a particular app becomes unresponsive and doesn’t respond when you tap anywhere on it. In such cases, closing that specific app is the only option you have. Quit that app, so that you can start it afresh on your iPhone. 

How to Close Multiple Apps on iPhone 14

Clearing a single app on iPhone is as simple as it is on an Android device. However, when you are planning it clear multiple apps, it becomes tricky. There isn’t a single button to clear all apps in the background. What you can do on your newly purchased iPhone to quit apps is explained below – 

  • Place your finger at the bottom of the display screen and swipe up to the middle of the screen on your iPhone. Doing so will bring up the App launcher where you can see thumbnails of all apps running in the background. 

To close a specific app on it, reach out to its preview and swipe it up again. The chosen app will stop running on your iPhone. Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a single button that can clear all apps running in the background. So, you have to clear them one by one.

Clear Apps on iPhone 14

  • But, there’s a way applying which you can close multiple apps. Use multiple fingers and keep swiping the apps in the upward direction and all of them will be closed. This way, one can kill at least three to four apps at the same time. 

Clearing notifications was also a tough task on iPhone as you can’t clear all of them at once. However, with iOS 16, one can clear a set of notifications from a single app or all of them by using the Clear button. So, we can hope for a single button to clear all apps in the background starting with iOS 17.

Clear Notifications at one go in iPhone 14

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