How to Clean up Passwords automatically on iPhone

iOS 17 is now available for all users who wish to experience its new features or make adjustments to their app codes. The new OS is quite smooth and has brought several new features, with a setting to clean up passwords automatically on your iPhone. 

Why should One clean up passwords on an iPhone?

Verification codes add a second layer of protection that you may use along with your set-up password to enter your social media sites, banking sites, etc. As more and more sites are coming with 2FA security, your message app often gets filled with such codes which are nothing but garbage once used.

Let’s look into how you may clean up such verification codes or passwords automatically in iPhone starting iOS 17. 

Clean up Passwords automatically on iPhone

Follow the below instructions on how to get rid of different verification codes or passwords on your Message app on iPads or iPhones – 

  • Unlock your iPhone first and tap Settings under App Library. 

Select iPhone Settings under App Library

  • Scroll a bit down, and hit Passwords. 

Tap Passwords under iPhone Settings

  • Since you are going to view the saved passwords, make sure to unlock your iPhone first. You may use either the Face ID or the 4-digit/6-digit passkey to perform this task. 
  • You will find Password Options at the top. Well, click on this option. 

Password options in iPhone

  • Scroll to Verification Codes, and enable the toggle switch next to Clean up Automatically

Clean up Passwords Automatically in iPhone

That’s it, you have successfully enabled clearing all verification codes from your iPhone once they are used. 

I hope you were able to enable this little trick to automatically delete all your verification codes in Messages and Mail after enabling AutoFill on them. 

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