How to block Windows 10 20H1 May 2020 Update

Microsoft launches two big updates – Annual & Semi-annual each year that contains lots of new functionalities and features. After Windows 10 1909, v2004 is the recent release and is likely to come by the 2nd week of May 2020. Though upgrading to the latest build versions improves the user experiences, there is a possibility of new bugs and errors. That’s the reason behind receiving several non-security patches on a regular basis. It’s always good to acknowledge other users’ viewpoints before upgrading the operating system. Today, in this article, we discuss 5 different ways that you can use to postpone/block Windows 10 20H1 on your computer. 

The methods are – Use Settings App, set your data as metered connection, disable update services, configure update policy, and registry tweaks. The first two methods are easy to carry out, however, they can hold updates for a maximum of 35 days. To extend beyond, one should use either Group Policy or Registry Editor. If you want to disable the updates permanently, you may stop the windows update services. We don’t recommend trying the last workaround unless there is a necessity and you are well aware of its consequences. Let’s explore these methods in detail –

How to Postpone Windows 10 2004 update to a further date

To block the Widows 10 20H1 May 2020 Update, go through the following methods – 

1. Block Windows 10 20H1 Update using the Settings app

The latest Windows 10 OS Build provides the option to pause updates for at least 35 days. Postponing Windows 10 Update temporarily is certainly better than restricting it for a large time span. However, if you want to extend this time duration, you may do so following the below steps –

  • Hold down the Win key and press X to launch the Power Menu.
  • Amongst the available options, select Settings thereafter Update & Security.
  • Navigate to the right-wing and hit the Advanced Options.
  • On the next screen, scroll down to reach the Pause Updates section.
  • Tap over the “Select date” drop-down button and define a date up to which you opt to block the updates.

Windows 10 May 2020 Update

  • Once over, your system won’t display any automatic updates within the chosen time frame. 

In case you want to install Windows 10 within this duration, follow the above steps again and delete the selection.

2. Set the Data limit under meter connection

Setting a data limit on your Windows 10 device forces the operating system not to install any updates. Thus, it stops the download of Windows 10 20H1, May 2020 update as well. All you need is to follow the below procedure –

  • Jointly press “Win and I” to launch the Settings app.
  • Select Network & Internet thereafter the WiFi option available on the left column.
  • Move the cursor to the right-pane and hit WiFi connectivity.
  • Scroll down to the Metered connection and turn On the toggle switch. See the snapshot below –

Set the meter connection

  • That’s it, the Windows can’t download any pending updates. 

3. Turn off the Windows Update Services

If you are fed up with the monthly or annual patches that come on a regular basis, you may turn off the Windows Update Services. Disabling such core services will expose your PC to malicious threats while working online. In case you still want to continue, make sure to manually download/install the security-patch that comes every 2nd Tuesday of a month. Performing this action will postpone the Windows 10 20H1 upgrade as well until you re-enable the stopped services. Here’s how to proceed –

  • Open the Run dialog using Windows and R shortcut keys.
  • Type services.msc at the text bar and hit Enter to access the Services window.
  • Next, scroll down and locate Windows Update.

Disable Windows Update Services

  • Once found, double-click on it to start the Windows Update Properties. Go to the Startup type section and select “Disabled” using the drop-down menu.

Windows 10 May 2020 Update

  • Hit the Stop button under the Services status section.
  • Lastly, tap Apply then OK to confirm the recent changes.

4. Disable the Updates via Group Policy Editor

Alternatively, one can disable Windows 10 20H1 May 2020 update using the Group Policy editor as well. Here’s how to use this utility program –

  • Hit the Search icon and type gpedit in the text bar. Make a right-click on the Edit group policy and choose Run as Administrator. 
  • On the succeeding screen, navigate to the below path –

Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update

  • Double-click on the Configure Automatic Updates to launch the policy window.

Windows 10 May 2020 Update

  • Here, tick the “Disabled” radio button and hit OK.

Windows 10 May 2020 Update

That’s it, Windows 10 version 2004 won’t get installed on your PC until you enable this policy. 

Note: The group policy Editor is available for Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions only. If you are having a Windows 10 Home OS, you can’t avail of this facility to block the updates.

5. Disable the Updates through the Registry tweak

The registry controls all the hardware and software programs that exist on your computer. One can use the registry editor as well to postpone the automatic up-gradation to Windows 10 2004. Here are the essential steps –

Warning: Any incorrect settings inside the registry might cause nagging issues or even corrupt the entire OS. We recommend creating a registry backup before adjusting a few key entries inside.

  • Press Win and X keys together and click Run. In the text box, type Regedit and hit the Enter key.
  • If the UAC window appears, tap Yes to authorize the access. 
  • Browse to the following address –

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Policies\ Microsoft\ Windows\ WindowsUpdate

  • Head over to the adjacent side and right-click anywhere on the blank space.
  • Select New then DWORD (32-bit) key on the shortcut menu.

Windows 10 May 2020 Update

  • Subsequently, rename this key entry to NoAutoUpdate.
  • Double-click on this file and change its value to 1 from 0 there forth hit the OK button.
  • At last, Restart your PC so that changes made come into effect. 

How to set-Limit on the Windows 10 May 2004 update using Registry

  • Reach out to the below address –
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Policies\ Microsoft\ Windows\ WindowsUpdate
  • Make a right-click at the empty area and select New > DWORD (32-bit).
  • Rename this entry to AUoptions. Next, set the following values as per your requirements –
2 – Notify for download and auto-install
3 – Auto download and notify for install
4 – Auto download and schedule the install
5 – Allow local admin to choose settings.
  • Restart your computer so as to confirm the above course of action. 

That’s it, I hope this article helps to block the Windows 10 20H1, May 2020 update on your PC.