How to Block or Unblock Someone on Twitter

Twitter lets you view your celebrity, politician, or some other famous person’s opinion on different topics. The tweets may at times appear funny, interesting, worth knowing, and sarcastic. However, there are times when you receive some tweets that you don’t want to continue receiving. If that’s the case, you may block that particular Twitter profile from your account. 

Though blocking a Twitter profile is a straightforward task, unblocking a Twitter account requires some steps to follow. If you have accidentally blocked an account, and now you want to unblock someone on Twitter, here’s what you need to do. 

How to Unblock Someone on Twitter

If you ever want to unblock someone whom you have blocked sometime back on Twitter, use these easy steps – 

  • Open your default web browser and visit Twitter
  • When Twitter launches, sign in to your official account. 
  • Click the More option available on the left navigation next. 
  • A pop-up window will appear next, select Settings and Support from here. 

Go to Settings and Support in twitter

  • The Settings and Support will now expand and display four different options. Click Settings and Privacy next. 

Settings and Privacy in Twitter

  • Moving forward, select “Privacy and safety” under Settings, and then “Mute and block” on the right pane. 

Mute and Block in Twitter

  • On the next screen, click “Blocked accounts” to view the accounts that you have blocked previously. If you want to unmute some accounts, rather click Muted accounts

Blocked Accounts in Twitter

  • Twitter will now display a list of accounts that you have blocked or muted previously. Click over the Blocked button and the chosen account will unblock on its own. 

Unblock Someone from twitter

Note: If you have imported some accounts from your previous account, they will be listed under the Imported tab. To unblock an account from before, head over to the Imported tab, and click the Blocked button against an account that you would like to unblock now. 

  • After you unblock an account, the Blocked button will change to Block. The color appearance of the Blocked button will also change which you can notice in the below snapshot. 

The unblocked account in twitter will look like this

That’s it, you have successfully unblocked the account from your Twitter profile. You will now receive the notifications from the unblocked account in your Twitter feed. 

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How to Block Someone on Twitter

Blocking an account on Twitter is a straightforward task. To block an account, you may follow these easy steps –

  • Search for the Twitter profile that you would like to block. When this opens up. click the three horizontal dots available next to its display profile picture. 

Open the Profile that you want to block

  • When this button expands, you may either click the Mute or the Block button. 

Block or Mute Someone

That’s it, you have successfully muted or blocked an account from your Twitter account. 

Note: When you mute an account, you will not receive any notifications from that particular account. However, you will be able to open that account and view its latest or old tweets. Blocking a Twitter profile hides the account as well as all its notifications from appearing in your Twitter feed. 

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