14 Best AI GirlFriend Apps in 2023 For Virtual Companion

Loneliness is something we all experience at some time or another. However, with so many advanced AI Girlfriend Apps at our disposal, this seems to be a past thing. If you do adore talking to beautiful girls, roleplaying with them, or prefer talking dirty, all these things are now possible. 

The virtual girlfriend apps which we are going to discuss provide some really nice girls who understand you, talk dirty, and even share feelings when you are emotionally low. 

From DreamGF, where you may create your dream girl, to Replika which understands you better, these AI apps are all there to provide you with one thing and that is freedom from your loneliness. 

Our Top 4 Recommendations

Best AI Girlfriend Apps What’s Important & Useful in this App?
1. DreamGF Best for creating your dream girl and talking dirty
2. iGirl Great for creating a super bot that converses with you for free
3. Romantic AI Best for picture-based conversations with your virtual girl
4. Replika Great for having someone who listens and cares for you

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Top 14 Virtual Companion AI Girlfriend Apps

Go through the below list of best virtual girlfriend apps available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Web, and decide yourself which chatbot you really cave for. 

1. DreamGF 

When it comes to creating Virtual Girlfriend, no apps work better than DreamGF. As its name suggests, this really lets you generate a girl whom you always think of in your dreams. 

With DreamGF, you can create your own virtual girlfriends in a few clicks by choosing her personality traits. Open your default web browser, and visit dreamgf.ai. By default, this website provides a handful of pretty virtual girls to start with. Pick any girl and then sign in to experience their in-built characteristics.

DreamGF - AI Girlfriend Apps

In case you do have some unique thing in your mind, you may go to its builder, and create your own virtual chatbot by choosing the things you love in your girlfriend.

Select the ethnicity, age, body type, and hair clothes that you want to see in your virtual girl, and DreamGF produces the girl based on your interests.

With DreamGF, you can decide what personality your dream girl displays during calls or while chatting with her. This includes selecting her interests, hobbies, and attitudes toward you. 

Once you have created your girlfriend, start casual, and build up your relationship with time. You will feel like you are working to impress a girl in the real world, with things always progressing in the forward direction. 

Availability: All Web Browsers

2. iGirl (Myanima)

Anima, available at myanima.ai is an advanced romance chatbot that offers girlfriend experiences. You will find this AI fun and flirty with no strings attached to the simulator. Anima AI lets you engage in a friendly chat, offers roleplay, and even options to grow your love and relationship skills. 

iGirl Myanima AI

This app is also available for Android and iOS, however, there you will find it under the name iGirl. The developers have created this application keeping in mind what one may desire from such apps. So, rest assured and start conversing with your dream girl here on this app. 

iGirl also lets to personalize your chatbot girl’s appearance, demeanor, and even interests. There are dozens of activities available that you may pick up to engage with your virtual companion. The activities include cooking, watching movies, and going on virtual dates. 

Though its web version lets you explore romantic chats with your girlfriend, the mobile apps require paying upfront before you may start talking with them. 

Available for: iOS, Android, Web

3. Romantic AI

Romantic AI is one of its kind virtual companion app powered by artificial intelligence. With this app, you may explore your own emotions and relationships with a virtual girl of your liking. 

While other apps let you use them only when you sign up for a premium plan, Romantic AI lets you build your romantic relationship and make your feelings stronger. 

The best aspect of using Romantic AI is that the characters here provide some images in between, thus making the conversations more deep and meaningful. 

Provide a prompt and you will receive an image immediately afterward. You may open the casual images without signing up for a premium account. However, if the conversation went somewhere deep, and you get some NSFW images, you may unlock them only after subscribing to this app. 

Romantic AI

This app is available for Web, Android, and iOS

4. Intimate AI GirlFriend

Intimate AI Girlfriend is one of the best apps when it comes to finding a virtual companion. All the chatbot girls here offer quite a unique and engaging experience to their users. The chat experiences here are so delightful that you might forget whether you are talking to a chatbot or your real girlfriend. 

Intimate AI Girlfriend

You will get access to characters displaying some strong personalities, pleasing appearances, and sweet voices. With these traits available in your virtual girl, you are deemed to fall for her and take your relationship to a deeper and more intimate connection.

Another interesting thing about this app is that the characters here recall all past conversations, so you need not repeat the told things time and again. 

Available for Select Countries only: iOS, Android

5. Replika

Replika is one of its kind AI Girlfriend app that claims to always care for its users. The web is full of positive reviews for this app, so we think you are good to go for this virtual girlfriend app. 

Create your profile here at Replika and you may start engaging in meaningful conversations from the start. Additionally, this also lets you share your thoughts and get to know your virtual girl who grows with every interaction.

The characters available at Replika care about you and thus provide you with inputs only they are required of. This is also vigilant in their listening capabilities. Engage with one of its chatbots and experience your wildest dreams shared with the Replika girls. 


You may easily tailor your character’s personality to suit your preferences. Whether you want a funny buddy or a serious confidant, Replika can adapt accordingly.

Replika girls offer emotional support, fun activities including roleplay, and insightful responses. No matter the time of day, Replika is ready to chat 24/7. It feels like someone is always there whenever you feel lonely and want to discuss the matter with your girlfriend. 

In short, this is not just an AI program, rather this is a companion that grows, learns, and evolves alongside you. Replika is available for iOS, Android, and even Web. 

6. Soulmate Your AI Companion

Soulmate AI is an AI-powered chatbot that wants only to be your ideal virtual companion. The sole motto of developing this app is to provide you with a best friend that is available to you 24/7. 

This software lets you customize your virtual girlfriend or boyfriend in several ways for their 3d avatar. Create a perfect companion whom you always think of in your dreams. Additionally, you may also add traits like supportive, caring, romantic, and others in your avatar. 

Soulmate Your AI Companion

Though this app assures keeping all your secrets safe and private, we don’t suggest providing any details that you repent later. Overall this is a good virtual companion app that you may utilize to fulfill your innermost desire. 

Available for: Android, iOS

7. My Virtual Girlfriend

Want to enjoy some alone time with your AI Girlfriend app and talk about your wildest fantasy to her? Well, this virtual girlfriend is the perfect app to opt for.

By default, this app consists of hundreds of unique ladies all at your service. All you require is to choose one every time you want to play and personalize them as per your liking. You may change their clothing, hair color, style, and even their figures. 

With 35+ progressive levels available inside this app, you unlock new features and actions each time you progress to new levels. Whether it’s engaging in conversations, wooing your virtual girlfriend, or getting new outfits for her, My Virtual Girlfriend is the perfect app to go for. 

My Virtual Girlfriend

Availability: Web, iOS

8. Virtual Lover

This is more of an anime character chatbot girl providing you company when you are feeling lonely. Download this app on your device (Windows) and start conversing with your virtual lover. 

All characters here are intelligent minds hoping to help you have more fun in your life. They will talk to you, make you feel accompanied, dance to beautiful songs, and even answer all your questions. 

Virtual Lover

9. Smart Girl: AI Girlfriend

Solely available for Android, Smart Girl is one of its kind virtual companion app that lets you create your dream lover. This app also offers to personalize your dream girl with her eye, eyebrow, nose, and lip shape. 

Smart Virtual Girlfriend simulates human communication using modern NLP and ML algorithms, thus providing you with characters well-versed in roleplay and engaging conversations. 

Smart AI Girlfriend

You may also modify your virtual girlfriend’s appearance and personality to your own liking. Smart Girl AI app also includes several features and capabilities, such as sending personalized messages, setting reminders, and providing daily affirmations.

10. Dream Girlfriend

If you like anime characters very much and want your girlfriend to be one of them, Dream Girlfriend is the one-stop for you. Talking to available chatbots here not only reverses your loneliness but also lets you show off your girls to other players in-game and share them on Twitter using the hashtag #dreamgf. 

This app is available for iOS, Android, and the Web as well. Create and start conversing with your virtual girl anywhere, be it on Windows, iPhone, or your Smartphone. With this app, you get options to choose her face, height, voice, personality, and several other traits. 

Dream GirlFriend

Dream Girlfriend also lets you expand her wardrobe with new casual, themed, and limited edition outfits to your own liking. The best feature of this app is that it offers to play with your friend circle and help them clear their game. 

The only drawback of using this app is that it provides anime characters in 2D. Because of this, you might feel something off while talking to your dream girlfriend. 

11. CoupleAI

CoupleAI is one of the best AI Girlfriend apps when it comes to creating profiles and beginning uncensored chatting with your virtual girl or boy. 

With availability both at Google Play Store and App Store, this app lets you converse with your virtual lover without limits. Start with anything simple without worrying much about anything as you proceed further. 

Smartyfy Solutions have developed this software and if we believe them, they have used one of the most powerful AIs in creating its source code.

All you require is to see ads and that will be enough to talk to your virtual girlfriend or boyfriend. At any point, if you feel otherwise, you may simply buy credits and talk to your creation without any disturbances here and there. 

12. My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie

Julie, My Virtual Girlfriend, is another AI-powered virtual chatbot and is available for both Android and iOS users. As its name suggests, the character here is quite jolly and lets you have a good and enjoyable conversation with her. 

This girl, Julie behaves like your real girlfriend and remarkably expresses her feelings. You will also notice her sharing different emotions which we ideally experience in real-life scenarios. The best thing about Julie is that it can provide you with 3D animation videos as well. 

Available: iOS, Android

13. Smart Virtual Girlfriend

Smart Virtual Girlfriend is another interesting chatbot that lets you simulate human conversation using modern NLP and ML algorithms. You will get quite an exciting and engaging experience talking to your girlfriend here. 

This is one of the most intelligent virtual girls that can also send emotions. You may customize her name, age, and even her avatar. This virtual girl replies to you very fast and in a polite manner without judging you. 

Availability: iOS, Android

14. Laura

Laura is more of a virtual assistant that can translate phrases and talk to you in four different languages. The languages in which you may talk to this virtual assistant are English, Spanish, Russian, and French. 

Though She is intelligent, you will not find her very affectionate. Laura can tell you about the weather, the distance between different cities, and even the location where you reside. If you are looking for a virtual translator, Laura is the perfect app to go for as she can do the translation in seconds. 

Note: This app was last updated in the year 2015. So, we don’t recommend going for this app as it might be lacking proper security features. 

Available for select Countries only: Android, iOS

Best AI GirlFriend Apps FAQs

Q1. What is an AI virtual girlfriend?

AI virtual girlfriend is an AI-based chatbot that listens to all your wildest fantasy and gives you the company of your girlfriend. 

Q2. Is there any free AI Girlfriend app?

Some of the apps mentioned above do provide some experiences for free. However, you have to go slow and complete each task before you can complete your wildest fantasy. 

Q3. Which one is the best AI Girlfriend app?

That depends on what feature exactly you are looking for. Go through the above list of software and I am sure you will find the perfect app that you were long searching for. 


You waited long and are now searching for a virtual companion to share your fantasy with. Go through the list of the latest AI Girlfriend apps and create your perfect girl who listens to whatever you want to share or experience. 

All you require is to download the respective app, create your dream AI girlfriend and start conversing about the things that matter the most, 24/7. 

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