How to Add or Remove Home Button on Google Chrome

Nowadays, several users complain that they cannot access the home button on their Google Chrome web browser. The home button is always there on Chrome, however, it remains dormant by default. The home page plays a vital role in access the Main page whilst browsing here and there. This resembles a small house icon located just left to the address bar.

In case, if this button is not accessible, you can follow simple and easy tips to activate them. Here, in this blog post, we discourse the ways to either add or remove this icon using easy steps.

Home Button on Google Chrome

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How to Add the Home Button to Google Chrome

Here is a step-wise guide to add the home button in Google Chrome on your system.

Step-1: At first, open Google chrome web-browser bu double-clicking its icon.

Step-2: Now, go to the top right corner and hit three vertical dots (Ellipse icon); henceforth select Settings using the context menu.

Note: Alternatively, you can also type chrome://settings in the address bar to visit the same feature on the active tab.

Step-3: Succeeding after, scroll down the cursor to locate the Appearance section then turn ON Show home button toggle switch.

Add or remove Home Button

You will receive two radio buttons here i.e. New tap page and Enter the custom web address. This points to set the Home button tab or pre-decided URL path. Select anyone, as per your convenience.

Right below this section, you can see there any option “Show bookmarks bar”. If you activate its toggle switch, you can access your bookmarks that are synced to your Google Account. This also helps to retain your bookmarks across multiple devices.

Note: If you want to remove this button, all you need is to follow the above steps and deactivate the Show home button toggle switch.

That would be all for now.