How to access Taskbar in Full Screen mode on Windows 10

Today, in this article we will explore some hotkeys that help you to access Taskbar while being in Full-Screen mode on Windows 10. The taskbar is the bottom part of Desktop and it contains several important tools like – Cortana, list of installed applications, and notification panel.

In addition to the above tools, it also empowers to access Battery, Network, Sound and numerous other sections through System Tray. But when you open any app/PDF/Folder in full Screen, all these functionalities vanish automatically. Hence, it becomes really difficult to access them on a disappeared taskbar. This is why we have brought a set of key combinations using which one can unlock them when there is an utter requirement of this Toolbar.

Access Taskbar in Full-Screen mode on Windows 10

What is Full-Screen mode in Windows 10

Full-Screen mode helps to have a larger Desktop Screen without Title bar and Taskbar. Earlier versions of Windows allow limited apps to run while being in Full Mode. With Windows 10 19H1, users can maximize the items at both i.e. Desktop or Universal app together.

There are several hotkey amalgamations to access different apps when you have enabled Full-Screen mode on Windows 10. Some key examples are-

Alt and Enter key- To access full-screen mode in Command Prompt.

F11 Key- To activate Full-Screen Mode on web-browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc. The same function key is used to enlarge File Explorer to match the Desktop Screen.

access Taskbar in Full Screen

Win+ Shift+ Enter keys- To enable Full-Screen Mode on Microsoft Store apps.

How to display Taskbar during Full-Screen mode

Follow these steps to access Taskbar while working in Full-Screen mode on Windows 10-

  • At first, press the Win logo to launch the Start window and Taskbar.

Here, press Win & T altogether to highlight the icon on the system tray. If you want to jump to the next icon on Taskbar, use the arrow keys.

Note: Window key & T combination also works in an older version of Windows like 7 or 8.1. However, this command focus only while running between apps on Windows Vista.

In case you want to access the notification area of the system tray, tap Win & B.

The above hotkeys work even when you have started the auto-hide feature of the taskbar.