60 Best Free Windows 10 themes to apply on your Desktop Screen

Each one of us likes to decorate our desktop Screen with new themes that suit our mood and passion. Today, in this article, we bring the 60 best free Windows 10 Themes that you can get and apply on your PC and enjoy its beautiful collection of wallpapers. 

This post includes themes under various categories like – Premium, Natural, Animals/Birds, and Flowers. People of all ages who use English (US) as their default language can get a copy of these Windows 10 Themes and apply them on up to ten Windows 10 devices. All you need is to sign in using your Microsoft account and start embellishing your computer screen. Let’s explore these personalizing apps in detail –

60 Best Free Windows 10 themes

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Top 60 Free Windows 10 Themes

Here, is the list of 60 Best Windows 10 themes that you can avail at no cost –

Natural Themes

Beach Glow Windows 10 Theme

Day on The Farm Windows 10 Theme

Train on Bridges Premium Windows 10 Theme

Chilly Morning Windows 10 Theme

Bing US National parks

Springtime Art Theme for Windows 10

Umbrellas Windows Theme for Windows 10

Earth day theme

river deltas

light trails

Panoramic Train Views

Premium Themes


Staircases PREMIUM

Colorful Boats PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Aerial Saltflats PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Seasonal Art PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Natural Hearts PREMIUM

Earthen Buildings Premium Windows 10 Theme

Aerial Farmland Premium Windows 10 Theme

Vector Art PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Take a Moment PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Street Views Premium Windows 10 Theme

Ice Crystals PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Sun and Sand Premium Windows 10 Theme

Panoramic Cityscapes PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Animal Mothers 2 Premium Windows 10 Theme

River Delta Premium Windows 10 Theme

Explore the USA Premium Windows 10 Theme

Light Trails PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Panoramic Train Views PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Painting in Light Premium Windows 10 Theme

Beach Time PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Modern Art Premium Windows 10 Theme

Windings Roads Premium Windows 10 Theme

A moment of hygee premium windows 10 theme

Wild Eyes Premium Windows 10 Theme

National Geographic Antarctica PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Vintage Motorcycles Premium Windows 10 Theme

Classic Cars Premium

Paper Art PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Fractal art premium

National Geographic Underwater PREMIUM

National Geographic Hummingbirds PREMIUM

Festival of Lights Windows 10 theme

Mountain Light Premium Windows 10 theme

Gears POP Wallpapers

Abstract Bubbles PREMIUM

National Geographic Safari PREMIUM Windows 10 theme

Spiraling Fractals PREMIUM Windows 10 theme

Aerial Iceland PREMIUM

Dogs in disguise premium

Architectural Structures PREMIUM

Animals/Birds Themes

Panda Bears Windows 10 Theme

Dogs and Cats Windows 10 Theme

Dogs in Shades themes

Bing Animals theme

Flowers Themes

Flower Petals

Sunflowers PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Wildflowers PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Leafy Structures Windows 10 Theme

You can use any one of the above Windows 10 Themes to embellish your Desktop Screen free of cost. We keep on updating this article as new Windows 10 Themes appear at Microsoft Store.   

Can we use Windows 10 Themes on Windows 11 PC?

As Windows 11 is built on Windows 10 frameworks, all Windows 10 themes are compatible with Windows 11 OC. So, you may try either of the above themes on your Windows 11 PC. 

If you do like any theme provided above, just open Microsoft Store and search for that particular theme on it. When a matching theme pop up, click the Get button. The chosen theme will be installed automatically on your computer. You may find the downloaded themes by reaching out to the below path as well –

Settings > Personalization > Themes

In case you want to apply themes that solely come for Windows 11, follow this guide.

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