Rare Collection of 50 Windows 11 Official Themes

Love customizing your Desktop Screen every now and then? Well, we researched and found a rare collection of 50 Windows 11 Themes for you. All these themes were first intended for Windows 10 users only. However, with the latest release of Windows 11 OS, all of them work pretty fine and are compatible with the new operating system as well. They are official themes by Microsoft and are readily available at Windows Store. 

In addition to showcasing 50 theme apps to choose from, we also provide an easy way to download and apply the “specific ones” to the computer.

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Fifty Appealing Collection of Windows 11 Themes

In this guide, we have brought a rare collection of 50 Windows 11 Themes and Wallpaper that you may apply to your Desktop screen. Have a look at these wonderful personalizing themes –

1] Explore Brazil

This is quite an interesting theme touring places like Copacabana, Ipanema, Pedra Furada (some of the nicest places in Brazil). If you love having scenic beauty on your desktop screen, do apply this theme. This consists of 15 HD images and is 12.19 MB in size only. 

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Explore Brazil

2] Polar Animals

Polar Animals theme includes 16 delightful images of Foxes, Bunnies, Bears, and Belugas who all live either on land or swim inside the seas at the frozen poles. 

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes Polar Animals

Size – 14.06 MB 

3] OLV Photography – Desert

Enjoy the drama of Bare Landscapes in Orange LV’s Desert collection. This theme features 8-set of Windswept wallpapers. 

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - OLV Photography Desert

Size – 8.36 MB

4] Natural Landscapes 3

Love putting Natural scenes on the Desktop Screen? This theme includes 21-set images of natural wonders around the world like – Giant Rock Outcrops, enormous cascading waterfalls, etc. 

Natural Landscapes

Size – 18.45 MB

5] Rural Landscapes 3

Making a long road trip across the Rural excites almost everyone. After applying this theme, you will enjoy its 21-set images photographed during a trove of scenic hideaways off the beaten path.

Rural Landscapes

Size – 17.88 MB

6] Latvian Landscapes

Embellish your PC screen with a sense of calm, vibrancy, and fertility 5-set images from the Latvian Landscapes.

Latvian Landscapes

Size – 2.92 MB

7] Rainbow of Birds

Whether is it the subtle hues of sparrows or the dazzling plumage of lorikeets, you will enjoy a living rainbow of birds after installing this theme on your computer.

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Rainbow of Birds

Size – 11.2 MB

8] Sardinian Shores

Photographer Giovanni Cultrera captures the stark yet lush beauty of Sardinia and its surrounding islands. A free, 13-set theme for Windows.

Sardinian Shores

Size – 16.85 MB

9] Scenes from Yosemite

Photographer Ingo Scholtes brings the peaks and waterfalls of California’s Yosemite National Park to your desktop in this free, 15-theme Windows theme.

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Scenes from Yosemite

Size – 15.77 MB

10] Exploring Manitoba

Photographer Hayley Elizabeth explores Canada’s heartland in this free, 19-set theme for Windows. 

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Exploring Manitoba

Size – 18.66 MB

11] Isle of Man

Isle of Man Windows 10 Theme explores the landmarks, coastlines, and other serene natural beauty with its 12 stunning wallpapers collection. All photos were taken by photographer Mark Wallace.

Isle of Man

Size – 11.18 MB

12] Beauty of Honshu

Enjoy photographer Wilson Au’s journey through the alpine region of Honshu, Japan, in this free, 8-set theme for Windows.

Beauty of Honshu

Size – 6.6 MB

13] Colors of Nature

Photographer Popkov Alexandr’s sensitivity to the colors, creatures, and moods of nature is showcased in this free, 8-set Windows theme.

Colors of Nature

Size – 8.14 MB

14] Sights of Russia

Love traveling through great places in pictures? Well, this is truly one such theme that provides lovely sights from Russia. This comprises 18 free images ranging from the Bolshoi Theater to the Altay Mountains to the city of Sochi and beyond.

Sights of Russia

Size – 16.52 MB

15] Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog theme features fine sand beaches, open meadows, and lush green countryside on its 15-set wallpapers. Markus Janse has taken all these delightful images.


Size – 13.37 MB 

16] Coastal Germany

Photographer Frank Hojenski took some of the finest pictures of the treasures of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, and developed a Windows 10 Theme under the title “Coastal Germany”.

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Coastal Germany

Size – 13.11 MB

17] PNW Birds

Photographer Christopher D. Elliott features images of birds visiting backyard feeders and in remote woodsy landscapes in this free, 19-set Windows theme.

PNW Birds

Size – 15.68 MB

18] Fauna 3

Enjoy the swimming, flying, or earth-bound creatures in our tour of the animal world, the third free, 21-set Windows theme in our Fauna series.

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Fauna 3

Size – 18.2 MB

19] Spring Blooms

Yellow, orange, and pink tones radiate from these floral images by Rebecca Heigel, bringing spring warmth to your desktop in this free, 18-set Windows theme.

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Spring Blooms

Size – 18.83 MB

20] Small Birds

Juncos, sparrows, and a Chestnut Chickadee are among the colorful birds in this free, 14-set Windows theme, featuring the photos of Jessica Lee and Bryan Matthew.

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Small Birds

Size – 12.91 MB

21] Flora 2

Jasmine, violets, pansy, and poppy are only a few of the cheerfully colorful flowers in this free, 21-set Windows theme, the second in our community Flora series.

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Flora 2

Size – 19.21 MB

22] Spring Blooms 2

Add the refreshingly cool colors of spring flowers to your desktop with this second free, 17-set Windows theme from photographer Rebecca Heigel.

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Spring Blooms

Size – 15.67 MB

23] Bountiful Cottage Gardens

Romantic roses, exuberant lavender, and whimsical posies add charm and color to quaint country cottages. Plant these flowering gardens on your desktop with this 12-image Windows theme set.

Bountiful Cottage Gardens

Size – 15.14 MB

24] Flowers in the Snow

Delight in the contrast of the sparkle of snow on springtime buds and blossoms in this free, 12 image Windows 10 theme.

Flowers in the Snow

Size – 10.77 MB

25] Autumn in Sweden

From the canals in Gothenburg to the avenues of Stockholm to the reindeer of Lapland, autumn falls over Sweden. Travel without leaving your desk with this free 14-image series for Windows 10 Themes.

Autumn in Sweden

Size – 11.41 MB

26] Cosmic Beauty

Ethereal and awe-inspiring photos of the Universe, from the Hubble Space Telescope and terrestrial telescopes. This 20-set theme for Windows is free.

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Cosmic Beauty

Size – 13.34 MB

27] Beautiful Sunsets

Gorgeous sunsets from around the world, including Italy, the Philippines, Bali, and the Grand Canyon. This 20-set theme for Windows is free.

Beautiful Sunsets

Size – 12.2 MB

28] Baffin Island Expedition

Go where few have gone before, to the far reaches of the Canadian Arctic’s Baffin Island, in this breathtaking 4-image theme set for Windows 10. Microsoft animator and adventure photographer, Will Christiansen, brought his cold-weather gear, food, camera, tripod, and lenses on a 3-week, 100-mile backpacking expedition to capture the breathtaking isolation of these remote mountains.

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Baffin Island Expedition

Size – 12.12 MB

29] Beach Sunsets

The gorgeous ocean light of California and Hawaii in a free, 15-set theme for Windows.

Beach Sunsets

Size – 10.84 MB

30] US National Parks

Take a tour of some of the most magnificent national parks in the United States without leaving your desk. Tour Bryce Canyon, Mt. Rainier, Yosemite, Haleakala, and Zion in this free, 15-image theme for Windows 10 desktop.

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - US National Parks

Size – 13.4 MB

31] Beautiful Norway

Discover the pristine waters, misty mountains, majestic fjords, snowy villages, and polar lights of Norway. This 18-image set for Windows 10 Themes is free.

Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Beautiful Norway

Size – 15 MB

32] McLaren Senna Track Day

Customize your desktop with stunning images of the McLaren Senna. This sports car pays tribute to the legacy of Ayrton Senna – remembered as one of Formula 1’s greatest racing drivers – and is the fastest McLaren road car to ever drive around a racetrack. This 10-image theme for Windows 10 is free.


Size – 6.64 MB

33] Bending Light

Examine the elements of refractive and reflective light as it enters and exits various prisms in this premium 18-image 4k set, free for Windows 10 Themes. These images are to be used as desktop wallpaper only.

Bending Light

Size – 8.55 MB

34] Ford Mustang RTR Formula Drift

Get ready to rock with world champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. as he lets loose with over 900 horsepower in this free 18-image set from Windows 10 Themes. These images are to be used as desktop wallpaper only.


Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Ford Mustang RTR

Size – 13.07 MB

35] Painting in Light

Follow the fluid stream of liquid light in these 12 long-exposure 4k premium images. These images are free for Windows 10 Themes and are to be used as desktop wallpaper only.

Painting in Light

Size – 41 MB

36] The Solar Eclipse

Some of the most gorgeous, awe-inspiring, and surprising images from the total eclipse that tracked across North America. This 15-set theme for Windows is free.

Colors of the Rainbow

Size – 13.14 MB

37] Natural Landscapes

Explore exquisite and sometimes haunting landscapes in this free, 21-set Windows theme, as seen through the lenses of our community of contributors.

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Natural Landscapes

Size – 18.5 MB

38] Colors of the Rainbow

Radiant and cheerful, these colors show up in unexpected places: on a panther chameleon, in Antelope Canyon, and even inside network cables. Find the full spectrum in these 18 images, free for Windows 10 Themes.

The Solar Eclipse

Size – 16.25 MB

39] Stars at Night

Amazing time-lapse photography that blends landscapes like the Matterhorn and lava flows in Hawaii with the hidden brilliance and color of the night sky. This 19-set theme for Windows is free.

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Stars At Night

Size – 16.16 MB

40] An African Safari

Cheetah cubs in the savannah, a giraffe in a misty forest, and zebra outlined by the Serengeti sunset. These are just a few of the magnificent African animals featured in this 20-image set, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - An African Safari

Size – 24.29 MB

41] Animal Mothers

Celebrate the warmth and affection of animal mothers and their young, from penguins to elephants and horses to koalas. There’s even a sloth mama to show how to cuddle in slow motion. These 18 images are free for Windows 10 Themes.

Animal Mothers

Size – 15.43 MB

42] Porsche 911 GT2 RS

This theme features 7-set stunning 4K images of the most powerful street-legal Porsche of all time

Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Size – 22.49 MB

43] Light and Dark

Love decorating the Monitor Screen with mysterious natural beauty? Well, this theme features all such heavenly mysteries on its 7-image set for Windows 10.

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Light and Dark

Size – 5.06 MB 

44] Fields of Flowers

Fields of Flowers provides an appealing look to your Desktop Screen with its 18-image set of colorful and vibrant fields of tulips, lilacs, sunflowers, and more

Fields of Flowers

Size – 17.92 MB

45] Colorful Birds

With Colorful Birds, enjoy 20-set tiny creatures wallpaper such as – bee-eaters, gem-like hummingbirds, toucans, flamingos, giant macaws, and many more. This is indeed a worth-trying theme for people like bird fanciers or avid birders. 

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Colorful Birds

Size – 9.03 MB

46] Waterfall Tour

This theme presents 15 soaring images of waterfalls all over the world. Applying this theme to your computer, you will feel the spray on your face and hear the roar of the cataract. 

Waterfall Tour

Size – 32.56 MB

47] French Riviera

Take a tour of the Côte d’Azur on its 16-image set basking yourself in the Mediterranean sun or floating on a boat in the soft blue waters.

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - French Riviera

Size – 17.07 MB

48] Hitting the Road

As its name suggests, Hitting the Road provides a glimpse of what’s around the bend in its 18 serene collections of wallpapers. 

Hitting the Road

Size – 16.96 MB

49] Bing in Brazil

Bing in Brazil explores the natural wonders of Brazil from the Blue Caves to Chapada Diamantina to Mirror Beach. This portrays the diverse Natural beauty of the country with the 10-image set. 

Fifty Rare Collection of Windows 10 Themes - Bing Brazil

Size – 7.82 MB

50] Hay Hay Hay

Hay Hay Hay is a lightweight theme that occupies 14.23 MB of storage space and features 18 cool wallpapers with Sun in the background. 

Hay Hay Hay

How you may Get any of the Above Windows 11 Themes

If you do like any theme enlisted above, follow these steps to download/install that on your computer. 

  • Click the store icon on the taskbar to launch Microsoft Store.
  • Type the “specific theme name” in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • From the available list, click the well-matching result.
  • Next, hit the “Get” button. Your PC immediately starts looking for any compatibility issues.
  • If none are found, this starts downloading and prompts the Install button.
  • Click Install and the chosen theme will be installed on your PC. 
  • Click Apply to reach out to the Theme section under Personalization
  • Head over to the right pane and click the “lately installed theme”.

That’s it, you may now enjoy its beautiful collection of wallpapers.

I hope you do like our collection of delightful Windows 11 Themes. Scroll a bit and let us know which one do you like the most in the comment section. 

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