20H1 Windows 10 Build 18980 came for Insiders in the Fast ring

A new 20H1 Windows 10 Build 18980 comes for the insiders enrolled in the Fast ring. In this Release Preview Build, the company works on the update of Cortana. Furthermore, they also added the WSL2 support for ARM64 devices which contains many bug fixes, including a long-standing issue for legacy Windows symlinks. Along with new issue, this build brings new updates for Insiders with lots of changes and improvements as well.

Apart from the new features, they fixed the experience of Outlook, touch keyboard reliability issues, screen snipping, and others. The consequences for Insiders should be that they will be on Build 18980 after completing these updates.

What’s new in 20H1 Build 18980

Here is the detailed description of the new features and enhancements on Windows 10 20H1 Build 18980-

1. An update for Cortana

The Company is planning an update for Cortana based on the feedback of several customers. From Build 18980 onward, users may locate a new look of the Cortana icon. Windows 20H1 users will be able to communicate with Cortana if both of them speak a common language. The OS display language won’t matter in this aspect. As of now, this app supports US-En language only, however, this may change in the upcoming months.

This is possible as Cortana is service backed. Hence, you may add new languages without worrying about the limits of the OS build updates. Once tried and tested, this new attribute may appear in the rollout plans as well. For the time being, you should wait a little more so as to confirm the transition smoothly.

2. Enhancements under Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Windows 10 20H1 Build 18980 introduced WSL2 support for ARM64 devices. You may even adjust the ability to set your distribution’s default user using the /etc/wsl.conf file. This patch update comprises multiple bug fixes and a long-standing issue for legacy Windows symlinks.

For the full details of changes in this latest Insider Preview build, please see the WSL release notes.

3. Improved Optional Features settings section

The team has modified the Optional features section on Windows 10 Build 18980. The changes are valid across different Insiders in the Fast ring. They included Multi-Search, search, usability and other functionalities on this build. After installing this release, you may notice these small changes.

Here is how it looks prior to installing the Build 18980-

prior look

The New look-

Windows 10 20H1 Bild 18980

General Fixes and Improvements

  • In the previous update, the team expert released an update in order to make sure that the users in the Insiders with certain versions of Outlook weren’t affected by any typical problem. Because of this issue, users were not finding the build while checking for the latest updates. However, this issue is removed with this build.
  • They have resolved the deadlock in netprofmsvc.dll which was appearing in the recent build.
  • Microsoft team has finished the work to help address an issue where Outlook wouldn’t launch if you clicked an incoming email notification.
  • They have fixed an issue affecting touch keyboard reliability in recent builds.
  • We also fixed an issue affecting WIN+(Period) reliability.
  • The tech community has made the decision to return to the retail build version of the Korean IME.
  • They fixed an issue affecting screen snipping reliability in the last few flights.
  • In this update, the team expert resolved the login screen acrylic. Sometimes it used to showing squares around UI elements in the previous update.
  • We rectified an issue that could result in certain app thumbnails going unexpectedly blank when you right-clicked them in Task View.
  • The company retouched an issue where removable devices were wrongly marked as HDD in Task Manager’s performance tab.
  • Now, the MS Paint and WordPad are transformed into Optional Features. You can easily uninstall and reinstall through this feature if it’s required.
  • They enhanced the performance of the Apps & Features page in Settings when searching.
  • While updating your account picture, you will not experience the crashing issue in the Settings.
  • Ease of Access settings is no longer available in settings synchronization (roaming). Therefore, now you can’t access this feature in Settings > Accounts Sync your settings.
  • Magnifier reading now works better in the searching browser. For example – Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • While using either ‘Read from here’ button or the Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse, the Magnifier reading no longer clicks the application.
  • The text cursor indicator would not display while switching between left-to-right and right-to-left languages.
  • The tech community resolved the text cursor indicator would sometimes appear on read-only areas of the screen. 
  • Microsoft team resolved an issue where the text cursor indicator would occur over the Start menu rather than staying in the Search edit box after typing text in the Search edit box.
  • Enhanced the ability to read the title of the window with the Narrator while reading messages in Outlook.
  • They rectified auto-reading in Outlook with the Narrator to make it more reliable.
  • The build also modifies to more reliably read the message headers. It can be done using the Narrator while reading when using the Shift + Tab command while in Scan Mode.
  • Advanced the verbosity of the Narrator when reading lists at verbosity level one.
  • Build 18980 resolved an issue where an edit field on some webpages was not getting perfectly updated.
  • The company has solved a few specific Local Experience Packs which may return back to English.
  • The issue related to the Wi-Fi adapters is resolved in this build as well.

Known Bugs – 20H1 Build 18980

Windows 10 20H1 build 18980 for insiders in the Fast ring is a great build. However, there appear a few bugs which are as follows-

  • Some of the Realtek SD card-readers are still in-operational even on this build. The Company is investigating the underlying cause and may resolve this soon.
  • If you are a heavy-end game user and use anti-cheat programs from time to time, you may observe a few glitches, GSOD or PC’s crashing bug while playing games. The Company has already partnered with the game’s owner to bring a resolution to this trouble. As per their recommendation, one should use the most recent version of the game before opting to update the Windows 10 operating system. If the issue is still prevailing, visit the official websites of anti-cheat software and install the latest patch.
  • After installing Windows 10 20H1 Build 18980, when you add a new language pack, it reports successful, however, there is no such installation. They are looking into this matter. 
  • Certain 2D apps such as Microsoft Store, 3D Viewer, and Feedback Hub stop being protected by Windows Mixed Reality. These apps even block their contents being recorded while Video capture. 
  • When you start capturing a repro video through Feedback Hub in Windows Mixed Reality, there is no option to stop the video. This issue arises due to the contents being locked as mentioned above. 
  • The Reset this PC cloud download option is not able to calculate the required space on the HDD. As per the company, you should free-up 5 GB of space before proceeding to this task. 
  • The Reset this PC cloud download option is not functioning properly when there lie some specific optional features. The process will begin, but an error will occur and roll back the changes. Before proceeding to the download, you should rather remove the optional features. Performing this may resolve this bug. The optional features on Windows 10 19H1 are –
    • RSAT tools
    • RIP Listener
    • IrDA infrared
    • Wireless Display
    • WI SNMP Provider
    • Windows Fax and Scan
    • Print Management Console
    • Windows Storage Management
    • EMS and SAC Toolset for Windows 10
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
    • RAS Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK)

Source – Windows Blog